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2011 Club Championship: Bowland Fell Runners: Fell Running in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

2011 Club Championship


FINAL RESULTS SUMMARY (Full table at the bottom of the page)

With all the results in, the 2011 Open Champion is Richard Mellon and the Ladies Champion (and LV40) is Rowena Browne.

There must be something in the water in Lancaster again (or are they just closer to the Lakes??) as MV40 Champion is Chris Reade with Mike Johnson in MV50.

In the MV60 class Ian Cookson just pipped John Taylor.

2011 Club Championship Races

Sat 26th March Causey Pike AS £3 Enter on the day
Tue 24th May FFTT AS 7pm START from the usual place
Sat 7th May Buttermere Sailbeck AM £6 pre entry or £8 on the day
Sat 9th July Wasdale AL £8.50 pre entry
Sun 17th July Kentmere AM £5 on the day
Tues 6th Sept Jubilee Tower, Quernmore BM Honesty race. Details to follow. Start and finish from Jubilee Tower.
Sat 17th Sept Three Shires AL £7 on the day
Sat 19th Nov Tour of Pendle AL £5 pre entry £10 on the day
 By Tue 20th Dec Carwags Speed League S Figure of 8 course (4.2/700') - Andy Walmsley to compile ranked list of times between Nov 1st and Dec 20th


OPEN, VET 40 & VET 50: 5 races to count with at least one per category

VET 60: 4 races to count


OPEN, VET 40: 4 races to count

RACE 8 RESULTS: TOUR OF PENDLE (See bottom of page for the latest )

380 stood on the start line in Barley for this tough end of season race with exactly one thirty-eighth from the club. The Lancaster division sent a strong raiding party and with Leigh and Yiannnis from the south we outnumbered the "locals" (represented by Declan). Joe Smith and Stewart Forsyth were out to grab their first championship points and a guest appearance from Steve Sweeney, back to his old training ground, completed the Bowland team.

The field was starting to spread out by new checkpoint 1 where the first route choice presented itself and it was Steve's memory that worked best, gaining time on those ahead by cutting across the moor instead of along the wall. In front Richard and Mike were always within sight with Chris stalking them both but it seemed all were keeping their "powder dry" for the tough second half. There was some encouragement for the old fellers who could see the young 'un struggling after each of the climbs and they slowly reeled him in. Rowena was again locked in a club battle, this time with Declan!

Emma G was dishing out the jelly babies and encouragement for the climb of Big End although by this point completely knackered legs could not be rescued and it became a battle for survival to the summit. With perfect weather, the run off the top was obvious but the front of the Bowland team was running out of steam particularly down the final track. Mike falling asleep nearly into his tea and cake after the race showed how much effort had been put in! Not so Declan, who still had the legs to nip past Rowena on the final run in - chivalry is truely dead! The full tour is a fantastic race and with weather this good, all were happy to get through it in one piece (or two in Mikes case).

The most extensive prize list saw the Lancaster car go home satisfied with notably 2nd LV45, 2nd MV50 and 3rd MV45. Shame we missed out on the team prizes!


17 Richard Mellon M 2:40:51
22 Mike Johnson MV50 2:43:21
25 Chris Reade MV45 2:44:40
35 Steve Sweeney MV40 2:49:43
64 Leigh Warburton MV50 2:59:00
98 Declan O'Duffy MV50 3:08:15
99 Rowena Browne LV45 3:08:23
292 Yiannis Tridimas MV65 3:50:47
319 Joe Smith M 4:04:05
328 Stewart Forsyth MV50 4:05:41

RACE 7 RESULTS: 3 SHIRES (See bottom of the page for latest table)

A good turnout in the wet conditions with Chris coming home first, despite some uncharacteristic navigational problems finding the three shires stone!

Chris Reade 2:16:36
Mark Chippendale 2:17:34
Mike Johnson 2:18:39
Dave WiIson 2:23:12
Ali Welsh 2:23:36
Leigh Warburton 2:26:12
Huw Price 2:30:15
Declan O'Duffy 2:38:08
Rowena Browne 2:42:09
Martin Hirst 2:54:23
Emma Gregory 2:59:29
John Taylor 3:08:21
Sophie Fosker 3:09:57
Martin Walsh 3:16:08
Jo Taylor 3:42:54


RACE 6 REPORT: JUBILEE TOWER (see bottom of the page for the current table)

by Chris Reade

13 dedicated runners turned out to race this inaugural circuit in blustery and menacing conditions. Thankfully the worst of the weather didn’t show itself until Mike and Richard were returning from the Fleece Inn later in the evening. I arrived somewhat last minute to find most people ready to run, a quick briefing and they were off, most of the runners that is.

Quentin, Richard and Mike Johnson were held back 5 minutes to provide some sport and entertainment later on in the race and in the event they only caught Clive and Dave Wilson in the final run in off the fell, (well Richard and Quentin did anyway).
Everyone came in looking like they had  worked hard and although not the most picturesque of routes was definitely  a challenge on this poor evening, (weatherwise).

The route went from Jubilee Tower cross country to Clougha Trig, via an array of lines, some runners not believing there was a stile across the fence, which indicated a wide variety of route choice to me. Then it was Right on a track across Grit Fell to the near Trig of Wardstone, then about turn and into the wind back to Grit Fell and down the R side of the fence back to Jubilee Tower. The winning time was  1 hr 3 mins and 12 seconds for this 12.15km and 350m of climb challenge.  The race was run as an Honesty Race without marshals relying on people to touch the trig points and the stile.

Below are the actual times, with the 5 minutes knocked off for Richard, Quentin and Mike.

1st Richard Mellon   1.03.12 Open 
2 Quentin Harding    1.03 17 V40 
3 Mike Johnson        1.03 51 V40 / V50 
4 Clive Davis            1.08 20 V40 
5 Dave Wilson          1.08.37 V40 
6 Richard Davis        1.11.05 V40 / V50 
7  Crispin Halsall      1.11.25 V40 
8 Declan O’Duffy      1.12.42 V40 / V50 
9 John Elliot             1.21.00 V40 
10 Tim Whiteley       1.21.36 V40 
11 Rowena Brown    1.22.14 Lady V40 
12 Alan Heaton         1.29.36 V40/V50 
13 Ian Cookson        1.36.38 V40 V50 / V60 

Many thanks to everyone for turning up and to Andy, Pam, Andy and Ian for supporting / supervising on the hill and to anyone else who I’ve missed but was out. Interestingly whilst we were waiting for the Reverend to return there was a light on Clougha top so wonder whether we lost anyone or whether there are other bats around whom we don’t know about.



Fourteen Bowlanders turned out for this race and claimed both team prizes - a first for the club in a non-local race I think! This was without some noticeable absentees too who'd been involved in "Fred's Round" the day before. The initial rain disappeared on the first climb and when the cloud lifted the field was already well spread out. Mike's countinued return from injury meant that this time he took his Physio Paul with him just in case. Rumour has it that after a "swift deep tissue massage" on Kentmere Pike Paul sped off leaving Mike to jog the last bit alone. Clive managed to get over the hills without his bike - which Mark could have done with as Rowena kept passing him uphill. Fortunately, he put his young legs to to good use down them. Declan avoided injury, Rowena and John W were again within a minute of each other with Rowena taking the honours (and first FV40). John T kept the V60 trophy interesting by just pipping Ian and Sophie continued her fell running initiation - a long lakeland next?

FULL RESULTS HERE   but the bowland lot were;

8      RICHARD MELLON   BOWLAND M        01:40:36
22    PAUL NIELD              BOWLAND M        01:48:11
30    MIKE JOHNSON       BOWLAND V50     01:51:07
46    CLIVE DAVIS             BOWLAND V40      01:55:32
49    MARK SAUNDERS   BOWLAND M         01:56:25
59    DECLAN O'DUFFY   BOWLAND V50      02:01:18
83    ROWENA BROWNE BOWLAND F40     02:07:18
85   JOHN WADE              BOWLAND V50     02:07:47
104 JOHN TAYLOR          BOWLAND V60     02:15:29
112 IAN COOKSON          BOWLAND V60     02:16:09
114 SOPHIE FOSKER      BOWLAND F         02:16:30
145 RAY PICKETT            BOWLAND V60     02:29:12
153 ANDREW CROOK      BOWLAND V50     02:37:00
155 JO TAYLOR                 BOWLAND F40     02:43:0


This years race was a much drier affair than 2010 allowing some club members to navigate more accurately. Richard was the the first over Whin Rigg in the clag but was caught at the start of the climb up Seatallan by Steve and Mark. The three yoyo-ed until Leigh put an end to their nonsense by storming down off Pillar and dragging Steve with him up Gable. Steve struggled up the hill but managed to pass Leigh on the final ascent to come home first with Leigh claiming the V50 prize shortly after and Richard not far behind. Mark Chip did not enjoy the Gable climb and took some time out to enjoy the scenery allowing Paul (disappointed with the fine weather after all his reccying) and Huw (3rd V45) to overtake him in the later part of the race. Sarah had a great run to come in as 3rd lady, with Ian Charters (2nd V55) and John T (2nd V60) completing a good scoop of prizes for the club.

22 Steve Swarbrick M              04:47:21
28 Leigh Warburton V50          04:51:33
30 Richard Mellon M                04:52:40
39 Paul Neild M                        05:01:58
42 Huw Price V45                    05:07:10
45 Mark ChippendaleV40        05:10:10
57 David Wilson V45               05:18:08
78 Sarah Massey L                 05:34:18
100 Ian Charters V55              05:57:30
111 John Tayor V60               06:10:14
136 Wayne Walsh V50           06:41:05

RACE 3 REPORT:  FFTT It was a small turnout but enjoyed by most I think. Mike was just "seeing if I'm up to it" after injury - he was - after a steady start he overhauled leader Clive just before 1707 and was never challenged thereafter. Clive had the attentions of young whippersnapper Nathan all the way round (Nathan saying he had to hang on because he didn't know the way). The two of them were within 20 yards of each other throughout with Clive only getting his decisive gap with a final effort over the summit of Parlick. These three were all under the hour barrier and will gain Superhound status if they can repeat the feat in a solo time trial. Steve Cox had a solid run in 4th though he thinks slightly slower than he's done solo (unofficially). Rowena was quicker than her solo time but not by as much as she'd hoped, missing her sub 1.10 target by just three seconds.
Further down the field, Ian Cookson had a strong start, soon breaking away from Wayne and a labouring Andy W but a good line down from 1707 put Andy back in front of Cookie by the Bleasdale Head wall corner, only to have Cookie stomp past and leave Andy for dead on the climb towards Paddy's. Wayne was also going well by this point and he too overhauled a flagging Andy.

Meanwhile, Debbie Cooper was having a brave solo run with map in hand. She made a couple of nav errors but came home with a creditable 1.32 (a similar time to her recent solo time trial).


Mike Johnson

56.57 V50
2 Clive Davis 58.23 V40
3 Nathan Plowman 58.38 Sen
4 Steve Cox 1.03.57 V40
5 Rowena Browne 1.10.02 L40
6 Ian Cookson 1.11.51 V60
7 Wayne Walsh 1.13.55 V40
8 Debbie Cooper 1.32.16 Sen L
9 Andy Walmesley dnf V50


RACE 2 REPORT; Buttermere Sailbeck turned out to be a "proper" fell race as the recent drought oficially ended and we were blasted up Causey Pike with most of the field donning tops. Ten Bowlanders raced including new member Sophie for whom this was her most challenging one yet. From the off Richard was well up the field and a couple of "Readeish" lines on the descent saw him claim 7th place overall. Mark was feeling the effects of a busy schedule at the 3 Peaks and an impressive run at Wray the following monday and nearly got pipped at the post by Leigh who continued his impressive form to take the MV50 prize for the race. Alan clearly needs to adopt his "I'm not racing" mentality more often as having run with Ian as far as Causey then decided to start racing and surged through the field to finish in a cluster of Bowlanders with Dave  (good to see you racing again!) and John W (complete with proper attire this time). Despite her buffetting by the wind, Rowena had another strong run to claim the LV40 prize with Sophie not too far behind in her first race of this difficulty. Ian Cookson took the club MV60 honours with John T not too far behind. Another long drive but for a very worthwhile race, thanks to organiser Mike Robinson - for FULL RESULTS CLICK HERE with the Bowland contingent;


7 Richard Mellon 01:37:39 M
22 Mark Chippendale 01:49:18 MV40
24 Leigh Warburton 01:49:23 MV50
48 David Wilson 02:03:18 MV40
52 Alan Lucker 02:04:18 M
58 John Wade 02:04:57 MV40
61 Rowena Browne 02:07:36 LV40
79 Ian Cookson 02:13:03 MV60
80 Sophie Fosker 02:13:53 L
95 John Taylor 02:20:29 MV60


RACE 1 REPORT: Causey Pike on Saturday saw a great turnout of 11 Bowlanders for the first Champs race of the season (and FAB) with additional support on the hill from the Farmers. Tom Addison set the pace up the road but Rob Jebb soon pulled away on the climb, obviously benefitting from his warm up cycle from Staveley (the Lancaster contingent might try this strategy next year!) and was a comfortable winner ahead of a raft of Borrowdale runners. RIch and Chris both had good runs under 39 mins. Leigh and Declan obviously had a good tussle with Leigh finishing only 20 seconds ahead then Ian appeared with a bloody nose swiftly followed by Rowena .. not sure if the two events were linked as he claimed to have got too close to the feet infront in the steep ascent. John Wade was running incognito so should be docked half his Champs points - but at least he'd found a pair of shorts this week and was running well without the three sweaters on. The V50 battle continued behind with Andy W comfortably ahed of the Denver brothers (Glyn getting the best of the family rivalry) and Wayne looking like he'd given it his all. The points table is at the bottom of this page.  A good little race which certainly packed a punch and despite the long journey for a short race was well worth the effort. For FULL RESULTS CLICK HERE with the Bowland contingent;

8 MELLON Richard 37:24 M
14 READE Chris 38:50 MV45
32 WARBURTON Leigh 42:21 MV50
34 O'DUFFY Declan 42:42 MV50
56 HUTCHINSON Ian 46:27 MV45
57 BROWNE Rowena 46:31 LV40
65 WADE John 47:45 MV45
107 WALMSLEY Andy 52:07 MV50
116 DENVER Glyn 53:10 MV50
119 DENVER Keith 53:34 MV50
133 WALSH Wayne 56:31 MV50

The image and others available to purchase is from Steve Agnus at ATHLETES IN ACTION


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