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2012 Club Championship: Bowland Fell Runners: Fell Running in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

2012 Club Championship

 In an effort to encourage more people to complete the minimum number of races, this years competition will be your best from 11 races      

MENS: OPEN, MV40, MV50 : 5 races to count, MV60: 4 races to count

LADIES: OPEN, LV40: 4 races to count

(In the event of a tie in any category, head-to-head races will be taken into account. If still tied, a 100m dash at the club do will be organised)

See the bottom of the page for the latest standings.
Sat 7th April Pendle AS £3 pre-entry or £4 EOD
Sat 12th May Fairfield Horseshoe AM

£5 EOD, from Rydal Hall

Sat 9th June Duddon AL £6 pre-entry or £7 EOD. Entry form fromwww.duddonvalleyfellrace.org.uk
Sat 23rd June Clougha Pike AS £1 EOD plus £2.50 entry to Quernmore Sports.
Sat 18th August Weasdale Horseshoe (E) AM www.howgillharriers.org.uk
Sat 8th Sept Hodder Valley Show BM £6 EOD
Sat 15th Sept Three Shires AL £7 EOD
Sat 22nd Sept Whernside BM £5 EOD
Sat 13th October Langdale Horseshoe AL £6.50 pre-entry from July 15th on form from www.amblesideac.org.uk
Sat 10th November Dunnerdale AS £6 EOD
By Dec 20th 2012 Carwags Speed League S

Figure of 8 course (4.2/700') - Andy Walmsley to compile ranked list of times

 Race Report 10: Dunnerdale

21 Bowlanders made the start line for this superb little race ... short and sharp with some technical descending and finished off by a cracking pie and a pint! Can it get any better? It was wet underfoot but the earlier torrential downpours abated and with only one small squall of hailstones, it was fairly close to "pleasant". Pam and Ruth were all smiles before the race, Nick was back at his first race for a while and Steve Cox was out without his bike this time.

At the front, Carl Bell and Danny Hope were making the running with Rich and Mike having their own private tussle for the club some way behind. Rich eventually got a small lead on the way up Stickle Pike which he held until the end.

9 Richard Mellon MV40 44:36
11 Mike Johnson MV50 44:49
24 Mark Chippendale MV40 47:03
60 Graham Lund M 51:17
81 Stephen Cox MV40 53:47
87 Nick Hewitt MV50 54:51
92 Rowena Browne LV50 55:17
97 Mark Irving M 56:17
109 Ian Cookson MV60 57:47
116 Colin Whitaker MV40 58:17
134 Mike Gibbison MV40 59:34
160 John Taylor MV60 1:02:45
172 Shaun Turner MV40 1:04:15
176 Julia Richardson LV40 1:04:36
189 Paul Walsh MV60 1:06:12
195 Andrew Farmer MV50 1:06:53
196 Jennifer Hutton LV40 1:07:00
211 Jo Taylor LV40 1:09:45
240 Pam Farmer LV50 1:27:28
241 Ruth Turner LV50 1:27:29
242 Martin Walsh MV60 1:27:30


Race Report 9: Langdale

An excellent turn out for this Lakeland Classic with 18 Bowland on the startline. The evergreen Mike Johnson stole the show with an amazing run to come 4th overall and 1st MV40/45/50 .... surely a first for the race?? With Leigh as 1st MV55 and Rowena 3rd LV40 and 2nd LV45/50 and Yiannis 3rd MV65 and the overall winning the 2nd Team prize, sounds like everyone went home very happy!

4 Mike Johnson MV50 2.19.39 1st MV40/45/50    
15 Chris Reade MV45 2.29.29      
21 Clive Davis MV45 2.34.03      
24 Paul Neild   2.34.37      
34 Leigh Warburton MV55 2.40.27 1st MV55    
40 Huw Price MV50 2.44.07      
47 Declan O'Duffy MV50 2.46.49      
92 Alan Heaton MV55 3.03.52      
127 Allan McKeown   3.16.16      
136 Rowena Browne LV50 3.20.12 3rd LV40 2nd LV45/50    
168 Yiannis Tridimas MV65 3.25.36 3rd MV65    
174 Ian Charters MV55 3.28.18      
192 John Taylor MV60 3.31.22      
206 Mike Gibbison MV45 3.35.06      
267 Jo Taylor LV45 4.00.48      
285 Martin Walsh MV65 4.23.07      
286 Andy Farmer MV50 4.23.08      


 Race Report 8: Whernside

 Another weekend, another sunny Saturday! This one was even better than the last with ideal racing temperatures for this 12 miler out of Dent. On the drive up, Chris's advice was to "fight for every place because the prize list is huge" and with a good amount of track, this would be a "runners race". 

And so it proved, with the first mile (including the uphill from the start field to the road) clocking in on my watch at 6:30 - with the lead group disappearing into the distance! Doubts started about being able to keep this pace up. Fortunately, the climbing soon started and Mark Chip started to reel in the early whippets with me trying to hang on behind. The steady climb up Whernside soon saw some pay for their early exuberance!

The descent was rapid and then on the next long section of steady climb on more track I managed to pull away slightly from Mark. The short pull up to the Great Coum ridge provided the only walking section of the entire race then another steady pull up to the top. Footsteps behind me were catching fast though and with lungs bursting, I thought Mark must have scoffed his one and only gel and was on some sort of super surge .... only to be passed by a youth in very long shorts and t-shirt!! I hope he's not in the race - he wasn't fortunately as he'd missed the start by 5 mins but had decided to run it anyway - and would have won by the speed he eased past me.

The descent from Great Coum was fast again, with bog, reeds, rocks and sink holes to contend with - proper racing! - before the last bit of track and a flying descent down boggy fields to the finish. I'd fought for every place as instructed. Mark, Chris, Declan, Leigh, Dave and then Wayne all arrived to complete the Bowland team.

As it turned out, with the previous organiser Paul Cornforth no longer working for Lyon Equipment, they were not again sponsoring the race and the new organisers had stepped in at the last minute thereby ensuring that all the runners could enjoy a great race on a fantastic day in such a beautiful spot - so a big thanks to them!


5 Richard Mellon MV40 1:39:30
8 Mark Chippendale MV40 1:42:31
12 Chris Reade MV40 1:46:29
18 Declan O'Duffy MV50 1:51:14
22 Leigh Warburton MV50 1:51:52
35 David Wilson MV40 1:58:02
130 Wayne Walsh MV50 2:37:50


Race Report 7: 3 Shires


Despite the closure of the M6, 19 Bowlanders made it to this Lakeland Classic and club champs counter. The sunshine finally made an appearance meaning this years race was not a test of navigation, so Declan managed to finish. At the front, Rhys Finlay-Robinson showed no ill effects after winning the Mountain Trial the week before to win the race in the only time under 2 hours. For the club, Chris and I duelled to the 3 shires stone where I managed to get a small lead on the climb up Blisco. Chris reduced this with some more cunning lines on the descent but not by enough. The V50 team were well bunched, with Leigh the best placed and Mark Irving, in his first big Lakeland race, was still smiling at the finish to continue his good season. Ian obviously hung back to take the shots below and Jo was our only lady after Emma had decided to go for a little bike ride and support. A great race - thanks again Selwyn - and a great day out in orange and green! Club Results below.


15 Richard Mellon MV40 02:11:35
17 Chris Reade MV40 02:12:55
36 Mark Chippendale MV40 02:19:54
49 Leigh Warburton MV50 02:23:24
62 Huw Price MV50 02:27:43
66 Neil Shepherd MV50 02:30:12
67 Declan O'Duffy MV50 02:30:18
94 Steven Bamber MV40 02:39:32
154 Mike Gibbison MV40 02:57:09
171 Mark Irving M 03:01:31
183 John Taylor MV60 03:05:12
197 Alan Heaton MV50 03:11:42
198 Colin Whitaker MV40 03:17:29
203 Andrew Farmer MV50 03:21:49
214 Jo Taylor LV40 03:28:32
224 Wayne Walsh MV50 03:38:13
229 Martin Welsh MV60 03:42:57
236 John Woodriffe MV40 03:58:47



 Race Report 6: Hodder Valley

Hodder Valley Show Fell Race 2012

As the 64 seniors and 12 juniors departed the showfield for the fell, the vests of several established fell-running clubs could be identified: Bowland, Clayton-le-Moors, Helm Hill, Pudsey & Bramley and Wharfedale to name but a handful.
Fifty minutes later, it was none of these vests that appeared into the finish field; but the plain blue attire of unattached newcomer Paul Webb of Bentham ( he had placed second out of a field of 207, only six weeks earlier at Ingleborough) in a time of 51 min 56 sec. It was almost 2 minutes before established Bowland member Mark Chippendale of Galgate claimed 2nd place and 1st veteran over 40, with James Titmus of Pudsey & Bramley taking 3rd, a further 15 seconds in arrears.
First Male V50 was Clayton's Brian Horrocks (14th / 58.26) and his clubmate Jack Holt took MV60 honours ( 21st / 61.07 ). Of the two V70's competing, Bowland's Phil Martin ( 61st / 87.43 ) had the better of Preston Harrier's George Arnold ( 62nd / 98.35 )
First Lady ( & LV50 ) was Calder Valley FR's Jackie Scarf ( 38th / 66.12 ) immediately followed by Helm Hill's LV40 Caroline Holden ( 39th 67.46 ). Third lady being Bowland's LV40 Sarah Sherratt ( 43rd / 71.58 ).
In the junior races:-
Under 8 honours went to Samuel Smith and Nia Walsh. Under 10 winners were James Walker and Mary Macbride.
Under 12 winners were Thomas Wilson and Katie Hargreaves; whilst Ellis Couch took the U16 race.
Despite the rather heavy going from several days of wet weather, the sun beat down all afternoon; possibly a little too warm for enjoyable running.
Many thanks are due to the farmers and landowners for accommodating the race; to the Bowland stalwarts and friends for marshalling the many gates and performing registration, start and finish funnel duties; to the HVS Committee for affording us the opportunity to stage a race; also to all the entrants for turning up and transforming a fixture into an event.

Steve Cox & Ian Roberts.


Mark Chippendale M40 00:53:45
Clive Davies M40 00:54:38
Paul Walsh Jnr M40 00:54:50
Chris Reade M40 00:55:26
Crispin Halsall M40 00:59:11
Colin Whitaker M40 01:05:21
Ian Cookson M60 01:09:52
Alan Heaton M50 01:11:42
Sarah Sherratt L40 01:11:58
Phil Martin M70 01:27:43

Looks like a return to some sort of form for Clive!!



 Race 5 Report: Weasdale Horseshoe by Chris Reade


Weasdale is a great runners race as Mark showed by trouncing the rest of us to come home first Bowland. I trailed Mike by quite some way and struggled home losing places all the way. Getting a stitch on the final climb left me having to run the hills at the far end and most of the return with my index finger jabbed in under my rib cage to alleviate the pain of the stitch. Quite a sight I would imagine, look out for a photo.

 Another good memory is the gandhi bath at the finish, plenty of runners  in the stream or flowing marsh which came complete with lilies and lush green vegetation – no hippos though !! . A chap was there taking pictures, – so we may make the front cover yet – it was a good one. The uphill finish was good for spectators as was the agricultural show and the  street cleaning wagon which managed to fall off the road and into the mud which took many farmers many hours to move. Mark made the point  – what was a street cleaner doing coming along a moorland road on a Saturday afternoon when there is a major event on. A side show to this was watching cars try to get round it on wet muddy grass. Avoiding eye contact with stranded drivers was crucial to keep my now clean Gandhi legs in good order.


Mark Chippendale    V40 01:04:20

Mike  Johnson       V50 01:06:54

Chris Reade         V45 01: 08:30

Steven  Bamber      V45 01:14:01

Ali Welsh           V50 01:16:51

Rowena Browne       LV50 01:19:26

Colin Whittaker     V45 01:23:24

Mark Irving         Open 01:23:48

Ian Cookson         V60 01:25:15

Alan J Heaton       V55 01:30:16

Phil Martin         V70 01:50:25





Race 4 Report : Clougha Pike


Despite the poor forecast and cancelling of the village fete, the day was not wet - a pity the same could not be said for the ground! A big field of 125 saw some real quality at the top end with Tom Addison, Rob Jebb and Ricky Lightfoot turning up and with the course fully flagged for the U18s all home advantage was lost. 18 Bowlanders ran which was a great effort considering the number who were also marshalling/organising the race. We scooped both team prizes despite it also being a club champs for Wharfedale and Horwich too.

With the customary cannon to start the race, they were all off with the U18s jostling for position at the front. By the top of the third field though, the three Lakes lads were well established and pulling ahead for their own mini race. Steve Swarbrick led the charge for Bowland and maintained his lead throughout with Richard and Mark swapping positions several times behind. On the descent though, Mike managed to sneak up on them and with more place swapping managed to get enough distance on the final flat to keep a few seconds ahead of RIchard on the run in with Mark very close behind to secure the team prize. Rowena's epic at the Great Lakes had not fatigued her too much and she came home first for the club about a minute infront of Emma (nice sprint finish and definitely sporting more orange items than Rowena) with Sophie completing the team for the prize. Sarah Sherratt completed the Bowland ladies with again an impressive amount of orange items being worn ... the men certainly need to take sartorial note.




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