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Bowland Club Championship 2016: Bowland Fell Runners: Fell Running in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

Bowland Club Championship 2016


Thanks to everyone that took part in the 2016 Bowland Championships. Mark Irving and Rowena Browne continued their winning streak in the open and female categories, whilst Crispin Halsall and Leigh Warburton claimed joint 1st in MV40, Leigh Warburton retained his MV50 title and Alan Heaton and Ian Cookson received joint 1st in the MV60. Full results available here and a race-by-race breakdown here.


After some lengthy consultation, we have finally settled on seven top-class races that will comprise the Bowland Club Championship this year. The format, which is the same as last year, is that your top four scores from the seven races count, and it can be any four of the seven (i.e., you don't have to do a set number of short, medium or long races). This is the same for males, females and all age categories.

So, without further ado, the line up is:

Date Race Category Entry
10th May Mearley Clough AS £5 EOD.
21st May Buttermere Sailbeck AM £7 pre-entry by 30th April. £10 EOD if 150 limit not reached.
11th June Ennerdale AL £12.50 pre-entry by 31st May. £15 EOD.
17th July Kentmere Horseshoe AM £10 pre-entry only, on Sport Ident website.
27th August Chipping Show BM EOD only, free but have to pay to enter show (£8?).
17th September Three Shires AL £10 from 1st May to 10th September. No EOD, apparently.
12th November Dunnerdale AS £6 EOD.