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Bowland Club Championship 2018: Bowland Fell Runners: Fell Running in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

Bowland Club Championship 2018

Below are seven exciting races that have been selected as the 2018 Bowland club championship races. As with previous years, your top four scores from the seven races count, and it can be any four of the seven (i.e. you don't have to do a set number of short, medium or long races). This is the same for males, females and all age categories.

Date Race Category Entry
21st April Teenager with Altitude AL £10 in advance.
7th May Wray Caton Moor BM £5 EOD only
2nd June Duddon AL £6 pre-entry (1 March to 26th May) or £7 EOD.
16th June Clougha AS £2 plus £2.50 entry to showfield. EOD only.
5th August Farleton Knott AS £4 EOD only.
1st September Grisedale Horseshoe AM £5 EOD only.
17th November Tour of Pendle AL £9 pre-entry (FRA form to organiser). £20 EOD if 500 limit not reached.