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Carwags Winter Challenges: Bowland Fell Runners: Fell Running in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

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Carwags Winter Challenges

 Carwags Winter Challenges

It is intended that there will always be at leat one social group running at Carwags. However, for those who are absolutely brimming with strength and vigour there are always the challenges to test yourselves against. 

The Carwags Winter Challenges are a 'suite' of four different routes to have a go at during the Tuesday night meetings at Carwags. Ranking lists are kept for each of these and participants can set a time for any of the challenges (once they have learned their intricacies of course!) and email it to the keeper of the leagues. The time will be added to the league tables and you can move up (or down!) depending on what times are posted.

The Challenges are:

 1)     The ‘Figure of 8’ (4.3miles / 660ft) A slightly contorted route that needs learning with a friendly guide. See separate detailed route description. Can be run in either direction.

2)     Fell Perimeter 1 hour challenge. A circuit of the Fell on the lower perimeter path (1.65 miles per lap). The challenge is how many laps you can complete in an hour (half-lap point – the Lizard). See the separate table for guidance on pace/lap times required.

3)     Fell Perimeter 1 Lap dash. As above but the challenge in this case is to set a personal lap record for a single lap as fast as you can manage. At least one warm up lap recommended!

4)     C to C (Column to Carwags) Dash (1 mile). This is simply a dash from the summit trig point to the Carwags carpark (take care when crossing the Fell Road!)