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A little warm for a lot but otherwise a good day for racing. 87 runners started the race and 87 finished.....well done to all! The Bowland Massive did us all proud again; thanks to Steve Cox for his organisation and being there as the figurehead on the day and to the usual team for the faultless performance whether in the tent or out on the route. We really could not have a club without you all. Results can be found by clicking on the link below. See you all next year.......Lee Dowthwaite (still club secretary!)

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Posted: Mon 12th Sep 2016

It was a long and trying English champs race on Saturday for 15 runners from our magnificent club...more on this to come (write-ups please, you know who you are!)... including a forgotten dibber, some very wet conditions underfoot and no shortage of cramps. Anyway well done to all who suffered on the day and special thanks to Ian Roberts for providing much needed refreshment and encouragement en route! 

Duddon Long - May 30 2015

Pos Name Cat Time
40 Richard Mellon MV40 03:14:05
57 Quentin Harding MV50 03:21:35
60 Mike Johnson MV55 03:23:18
65 Chris Balderson MV50 03:25:16
81 Mark Irving M 03:29:15
133 Jim Turner M 03:50:11
143 Allan McKeown MV40 03:55:06
172 Huw Price MV50 04:05:06
184 Leigh Warburton MV55 04:10:58
201 Stephen Coope MV50 04:15:04
205 Nick Hewitt MV60 04:18:05
212 Rowena Brown FV50 04:24:41
248 John Taylor MV65 04:39:06
266 Jo Taylor FV40 04:53:35
283 Jennifer Hutton FV40 05:21:19

The most recent club champs results are up on club champs page.


Posted: Wed 3rd Jun 2015


Bowland 2015 Championship The results are in - 

Open - 1st Mark Irving, 2 Sam Harrison, 3 Chris Balderson, 4 Sean Bolland, 5 Leigh Warburton

V40 - 1 Chris Balderson, 2 Sean Bolland, 3 Leight Warburton, 4 Crispin Halsall, 5 Colin Whittaker / Nick Hewitt

V50 1 Chris Balderson, 2 Leigh Warburton, 3 Nick Hewitt, 4 Colin Whitaker, 5 Quentin Harding

V60 - 1 Nick Hewitt, 2 Paul Walsh, 3 John Rodgers

Female 1 Rowena Brown, 2 Ann Holden, 3 Jen Hutton.

Most categories were well fought this year, congratulations to all winners and in fact all participants. Suggestions for 2016 championship to google groups.  


I will try to upload the tables , any corrections or changes to Chris Reade. 


Posted: Thu 14th May 2015

Bowland came home as 7th team in the Mens competition this year on a cold and damp course; 

Richard Mellon 34 03:22:59 Mark Irving 78 03:37:22 Steve Sweeney 84 03:38:14 Christopher Balderson 95 03:40:01 
Good bunching there! Many thanks to all the support, particularly Chris who provided his usual rescue service at the bottom of the steep section up Ingleborough. 
Other Bowland runners; 
Mark Chippendale 04:05:22 
Steve Cartmell 04:41:12 
Stuart Hayton 05:25:21 
And unfortunately Martin Walsh got timed out at the Hill Inn
Posted: Tue 28th Apr 2015

A big thankyou to Graham and team for coming up with the races to form our Club Championship this year.

Full details are on the 2014 Club Championship page

The first event is a "Bowland Special" on 23rd March (replacing the cancelled Fiendsdale race) and Graham will provide details for this shortly ..... but it will be in Bowland and it will be special I hear!

Lets have another good showing this year with lots of orange and green at the races and tales on the blog.

Posted: Thu 6th Mar 2014


It must be quite unusual for an HPM team to be made up entirely of runners from the same fell running club and even more unusual for such a team to win a trophy.

Back in November, a Bowland vets team entry was submitted to the High Peak Club and was successful. The team was made up of myself, Alan Duncan, Leigh Warburton and ‘junior’ member Neil Shepherd. With an aggregate age of 237 years it was the oldest team in the race by a large margin. A week before race day Alan withdrew due to a persistent injury and his place was taken by Ian Charters, lowering the aggregate age to 236 years.

Race night was cold, dry with clear skies to start with although later on we had some hill mist, a snow shower and sunshine. It was very wet underfoot with some ground frost. The Bowland vets team set off at 23:34 in what turned out to be an eventful night. We made a steady start and were going well but by the third checkpoint we lost the dibber.... with Leigh attached to it. Thanks to mobile telephony and radio communications, the team was eventually reunited but not before a long and anxious wait in the cold by the other three at checkpoint 4. Having found ourselves at the tail end of the race, we resolved to recover some of the lost time and stay in contention for the vets trophy. At the Moscar checkpoint we enjoyed the undivided attention of the marshals and on Derwent Edge we began catching up other teams. But the stress and the cold had affected Ian, who started feeling nauseous and weak. The rest of us did our best to help him and we made progress through the field without too much loss of pace. It wasn’t until after Snake that Ian felt better and by the closing stages some of us had to try hard to keep up with him. Our time of 12:18:42 was below what we had expected but all the same, we were told that we had won the vets trophy and that came to us as a pleasant surprise!

Following the presentation, a serious argument broke out between the team members, as no one wanted to take the trophy home. The impasse was resolved by the decisive intervention of the team captain, who instructed Ian to take the trophy himself and so hostilities ended there. I recall that some years ago a team member took that same trophy home and proudly placed it on the living room table but was immediately threatened with divorce by his irate wife! Marital harmony was preserved only when the offending object was unceremoniously transported to a dark corner of the garage where it stayed under cover for a year. Unsurprisingly, even the High Peak Club which organises the race, are aware of the problem and have included this warning in the race website: ‘Entrants are warned that the trophies are pretty big and not exactly everyone’s idea of beautiful’. 

Our sincere thanks to all involved in the organisation and running of this great race, the many marshals in particular, who brave the sometimes extreme conditions on the bleakest parts of the Dark Peak.

Yiannis Tridimas

2nd March 2014

The Bowland vets team with the Rucksack club veterans trophy in Leigh’s hands.


Photo: Ian Charters

Posted: Sun 2nd Mar 2014

I had a great walk around the course with my Dad (who is injured at the moment) and thoroughly enjoyed the light that we had early on when there was a bit of mist. Thanks to everyone who turned out, I’m not sure how many there were but it looked like around 20. The mince pies were scoffed (my mum’s pies were spot on and very tasty because my dad broke the habit of a lifetime and bought the decent mince filling!). We managed to get rid of all the left-overs as well! There wasn’t much opportunity for a good chat afterwards as the weather deteriorated into cold rain but at least it mostly held off for the duration of the run/walk. I’ll see you all during 2014 when I honestly aim to try and get back and do a bit!! I’ve added a few images to the gallery (Boxing Day Run 2013) that I grabbed on my way round……hope you enjoy and any comments are, as always, gladly received.

Posted: Tue 31st Dec 2013

Well done to all at the final Club Champs 2013 race - the Tour of Pendle.

Bowland results below to feed into the Club Champs;

20 Mark Chippendale Bowland FR M45 02:34:49
52 Chris Balderson Bowland FR M45 02:43:29
62 Steve Sweeney Bowland FR M45 02:47:17
84 Declan O'Duffy Bowland FR M55 02:50:26
101 Graham Lund Bowland FR   02:54:52
103 Steven Bamber Bowland FR M50 02:55:27
121 Mark Irving Bowland FR   02:59:14
123 Huw Price Bowland FR M50 02:59:59
135 Simon Sarginson Bowland FR M50 03:01:08
144 Rowena Brown Bowland FR W50 03:03:35
196 Mike Gibbison Bowland FR M50 03:15:28
219 Steven Cartmell Bowland FR M40 03:18:43
223 Colin Whitaker Bowland FR M50 03:19:50
320 Martin F. Walsh Bowland FR M65 03:42:14
397 Wayne P. Walsh Bowland FR M50 04:21:22

So ... after tallying up, 53 Bowlanders ran in club champs races this year with 11 completing the minimum for their categories.

Declan just pipped Leigh to the most points (374) with both completing 8 races.

Category winners who will be looking forward to picking up their trophies at the Club Dinner are;

Ladies - Rowena Brown

Open & MV40 - Richard Mellon

MV50 - Declan O'Duffy

MV60 - Ian Cookson

For you Stattos ... all the tables are at the bottom of the   CLUB CHAMPS PAGE ... email if you spot any errors!


Posted: Wed 4th Dec 2013

Clougha Pike Race 2014 Date Change – Junior Championship Race & Senior Race

Please note the Clougha Pike races are to be held on Saturday 21st June,  (and not the 28th June as indicated in the Fell Runner Magazine Autumn Edition). The details in the calendar website and fixtures calendar  have been updated. More information will appear on the Bowland Fellrunner Website in due course.

Chris Reade

Posted: Thu 21st Nov 2013

Excerpt from Declan's day out ... see the blog for the full account!

255 runners are on the starting line with a mighty 15 GandOs. It’s a tight squeeze for us all on the narrow lane, and the chaotic start is not helped by one or two stood right at the very front who know they shouldn’t be there. I’ll not name them but it is minx-ish as they create mayhem behind.

The tough road section starts downhill so its very quick and then goes into a 5 minute climb which gets the lactic acid going in your legs. It’s impossible to not go out too quickly. By the time you hit the fell you’re gasping for air, everyone around me is straining. I can see the Chorley vest of Darren 30 yards ahead so I think I’ve overdone it. Going up to The Knott though, Darren is suddenly right in front of me, he’s obviously not in top form but it encourages me a little. Later he explains that he’s suffering from his hamstring, which really does slow you down.

Over the checkpoint and down a nice, fast descent, which is where Graham says I start to pull away from him. Funny that, as I think climbing is my stronger point. You have good days and you have bad days I suppose. Feeling good I steam ahead to Stickle Pike and see a rival, Billy Proctor, descending it quickly. He’s on form I think to myself and he’s going to take some catching. Also just ahead of me is Chris Jackson, gangly youth of a previous epistle, whom I’m surprised to be so close to. Chris makes a muck of the descent and I steal into the lead on him, which he never gets back. First time I’ve bested him this year I think. Billy though is some 300 yards off. I get my head down over this flattish section as is my wont and don’t look up for a few minutes, have I lost or gained ground, gained I think. Possibilities here I say to myself, and a good target to keep me working hard. The ground is surprisingly firm given the recent wet weather, probably firmer than I’ve ever run it; I think there’ll be some quick times. Richard has a ding-dong with Pudsey’s Gary Devine, over here from his business in the south of France, building a garage for someone in Ulverston. Gary bests him by a few seconds and its probably Rich’s gammy ankle that slows him a little. Mark Chip is a minute behind Rich, which is a reversal of earlier form.

Approaching Great Stickle, the final checkpoint, I can see Billy has stretched his lead on me, damn, thought he was fair game for a short while there. Then going over Great Stickle I ignore the flags for some reason and lose precious seconds stuttering down through the crags. Game over as far as Billy and me are concerned, it’s a fast finish from here on in and I’m not going to catch him. Fair dues though, I think that’s the first time in a while for him; he must have been doing some proper training lately. I keep my spot from here to the finish, Darren storming back as his hamstring loosens up but not quite quick enough for our little tete a tete. Graham halves the time from last week between us, he’s determined to catch this Irish sod before the year’s out methinks.

The sun comes out nicely at the finish and is quite warming on our backs for a while. A fantastic cup of tea and a pie in the hall afterwards and then, it is Cumbria, we listen to the deluge outside while waiting on prize-giving. Richard and Mark win V40 prizes and Nick wins the V60. But the best performance of the day surely goes to Ruth T who took 10 minutes off last year’s time. Now that takes some doing, well done Ruth. Martin’s erroneous pace-making obviously working wonders; he thought Ruth was nip and tuck on last year’s time and so egged her on to a brilliant round.

Well done one and all, just two weeks to the Full Tour now.

8 Richard Mellon Bowland Fell Runners MV40 00:42:56
13 Mark Chippendale Bowland Fell Runners MV40 00:43:56
34 Declan O'Duffy Bowland Fell Runners MV50 00:47:04
44 Graham Lund Bowland Fell Runners M 00:48:44
77 Nick Hewitt Bowland Fell Runners MV60 00:52:49
160 Alex Richards Bowland Fell Runners M 01:01:46
178 Stuart Hayton Bowland Fell Runners MV40 01:03:48
195 Shaun Turner Bowland Fell Runners MV40 01:05:15
197 Jennifer Hutton Bowland Fell Runners LV40 01:05:17
222 Wayne P Walsh Bowland Fell Runners MV50 01:08:14
223 Paul Walsh Bowland Fell Runners MV60 01:08:18
244 Laura-Jayne Brushett Bowland Fell Runners L 01:14:58
247 Ruth Turner Bowland Fell Runners LV50 01:18:46
248 Martin F Walsh Bowland Fell Runners MV60 01:18:48
249 George Fletcher Bowland Fell Runners MV60 01:20:49


Posted: Mon 11th Nov 2013