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Bowland Fell Runners News: October 2010

News: October 2010


Carwags: October 26th...

 The Bat League kick off saw a record number of bats (29) at Carwags. There is a pleasing increase in the numbers of ladies and youngsters this year which shows that, against the odds, bat running is gaining a wide appeal! The Carwags car park was like a big miners party, with so many people in headtorches milling about. Rumour had it that Stew (Blackfoot bat) Forsyth had forgotten his head torch (!) but it eventually turned up in his trusty builders bucket...
My first attempt at providing a guiding service for slower or new bats who did not know the route was not a success. Unfortunately, the group was infiltrated by some runners who really had no intention of having a slow run and the result was an almost immediate stringing out and then break up of the group. It was impossible for me to keep the group together and some people consequently found themselves in no-mans-land, guideless and not knowing which way to go, which is not nice on a murky night. Gill and I ended up going round on our own in exactly the time I'd said it would take (60 minutes).
A plea: If a slower guided group is arranged again, please don't join it unless you really want to learn the route, you don't mind running at the pace of the slowest and you are willing to stay together in a group. If you want to try your hand at doing a time or hanging onto other faster runners please start at 6:30 and take your chances with the main group.
The intention at the Carwags bat runs is to encourage both the faster runners who want to do a time (as some did last night, starting at 6:30), and also make this a run that welcomes slower runners and newcomers who need to learn the intricacies of the route.
Next bat run is at Stang Yule on Thursday at 7pm and will be up to the 'bat cave' and Hazlehurst Fell and back. The Grand Bat will be awarding the first Golden Baton of the winter.

The Bat Cave: October 28th.. 

The bat cave run attracted 15 runners - a record for this run - including at least half a dozen bat cave newcomers. The small quarry parking soon filled up and Clive Davis had to park the 'mothership' further up the road.
Ian Roberts and Tom Whittam took an early start as they were walking and another large group of 'slower' runners set off at 6:48, taking Clive (perhaps inadvertently) with them. At 7pm on the dot, the 'main' group, consisting of Keith Denver, Paul Walsh, Chris Reade, Ian Cookson and I set off in pursuit. A gentlish start along the mile of road followed by a strong but steady climb over the flank of Hazlehurst Fell brought us up to the bat cave in half an hour, to find the slower group waiting.
As usual, the cave provided immense disappointment, er I mean enjoyment, to the newcomers and I personally witnessed the ritual through-passage of cave virgins Ian C and Chris R. I can't speak for the other newbies, who's bat initiation may not be complete...
Leaving the awesome delights of the bat cave, we all set off to the summit of Hazlehurst Fell, finding the trig point very easily this time in the absence of the thick clag which often seems to afflict this top. On this occasion, we could see the lights of the whole of the Fylde coast spread across the horizon. Suitably impressed and invigorated we set off for the descent, taking the slightly more roundabout but much less rough line south-east back to the track, rather than the direct shortcut southwards. I settled into a steady trot for the descent and Keith, Clive and Chris soon forged ahead and, as it transpired, into the unknown!
It was a straggling and ragtag group that made it's way off the fell at Stang Yule, Paul and I waiting to regroup with the last few before heading down the mile of road back to the vehicles. Young Luke, seeming as fresh as a daisy, skipped off ahead along here, the occasional flash of his headtorch giving away the fact that he kept looking back to see what was keeping th'old folk!
As we approached the parking we passed Clive's empty vehicle and when we got back we found Keith's and Chris's both unoccupied. ...Uh oh....  A full 15 minutes passed before their headtorches appeared over the brow and they were soon regaling us with tales of their "scenic detour" to Bleasedale Tower and beyond. "We thought we'd have a look at Parlick" said Keith. The Davis/Reade/Denver group were out a full 1:30, the rest of us somewhat less...
A good time was had by all, but only 5 of us retired to the Kenliss Arms (which had rubbish beer) where Grand Bat Paul awarded me the honour of the Golden Baton, simply for my organisation of the bat league. Thank ee kindlee.
Next Tuesday is Carwags as usual and then Thursday's run is Duncan's Bonfire Burnup. Dunc would like to make it a rule that you must bring a firework or fuel (wood) to get points but Bat Central is not quite so draconian... This is a special run so there are 4 points available for all (preferably fuel-bearing) participants and I will be bestowing a massive 8 points on the lucky Golden Bat!
Bat Central 
Posted: Fri 29th Oct 2010

The Winter Planner (Bat Planner) is now posted on the Bat Runs Page. More info to follow...

Bat Central

Posted: Tue 19th Oct 2010

The list of Bat League Rules is now posted on the Bat Runs page as a PDF file. Although seasoned bats will be aware of the rules, this is the first time they have been written down. The idea is to clarify the 'terms of engagement' and save confusion or potential dispute.

The Bat Planner and the Bat League table are now in final preparation and will be posted soon, so watch this space...

Bat Central  

Posted: Fri 15th Oct 2010

This is a rather late reminder (apologies) but there will be a gathering at the Baysbrown campsite at Chapel Stile after the Langdale Horseshoe race this Saturday (9th October). Everyone welcome!

The weather forecast is good but, this being a chilly time of year, most people will probably be found in the Wainwright Inn by about 7:30pm... A great place to have a beer and natter endlessly about the days heroic doings.

Posted: Thu 7th Oct 2010

The relay this year is on Sunday 12th December and we have two teams entered - Open and Mixed.

Team Captains are;

OPEN : Chris Reade

MIXED: Jenn Hutton

If you are interested in running for the MIXED team then please EMAIL JENN

Posted: Tue 5th Oct 2010

Congratulations to both Bowland teams in yesterdays event.

The Open team came a very respectable 8th overall after a flying start from Steve Swarbrick and Richard Mellon. The mixed team finished in 41st position (7th Mixed team) overall on a wet course.

Full results are available from SPORTIDENT HERE.

Jenn's report for the mixed team:  The Bowland mixed team thoroughly enjoyed its first assault on the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay on Sunday. Despite very cloudy and wet conditions a strong performance by Rowena and new club member Karen Gay on the first Leg set Nick Hewitt and Ali Welsh up for a cracking run on Leg 2. Their superb navigation and fast descending saw them complete Leg 2 only 3 minutes and 12 seconds slower than Bowland’s open team.  Soon after the Leg 3 takeover at Hartsop, Jenn Hutton found herself working very hard to keep Jo Taylor in sight on the steep ascent.  A blast down the wet rocky path and across the Patterdale playing fields, and in less than an hour Jo & Jenn handed over to Leigh Warburton and Neil Shepherd for the final and most difficult Leg. Leigh and Neil came storming into the finish an impressive hour and 32 minutes later, just 2 seconds behind Chorley’s mixed team and 41st overall (out of 66 teams). Thanks to everyone who came out for this excellent event!

Posted: Mon 4th Oct 2010

 The OPEN team for Sundays relay is;

Team Captain : Chris Reade

Leg 1 : Richard Mellon & Steve Swarbrick
Leg 2 : Oliver Wild & Mike Johnson  
Leg 3 : Clive Davis & Steve Sweeney
Leg 4 : Chris Reade & Mark Saunders 

Remember the start is earlier this year - 9.30

Posted: Fri 1st Oct 2010