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Bowland Fell Runners News: September 2010

News: September 2010

A reminder to all;

Arenig Fawr fell race, Sunday 3rd October at 1pm.

Organiser Yiannis Tridimas.

Map and other details in http://yiannistridimas.tripod.com/

Posted: Thu 30th Sep 2010

The 2nd Club Championship race (the FFTT) will be held on Sunday November 7th, starting at 1pm. This will be an 'honesty' race, with mainly unmanned checkpoints. The course is now well known to many Bowland members but details are available from me if required.

The figures are 3.5 miles and 1850ft (Cat AS).

Andy Walmsley


Posted: Wed 29th Sep 2010

Bowland results from the Three Shires Race (and first Club Champs race) were;

Mike Johnson V50 02:06:47
Chris Reade V40 02:10:11
Mark Chippendale V40 02:14:32
Paul Nield   02:15:58
Clive Davis V40 02:23:03
Leigh Warburton V50 02:24:20
Alan Lucker V40 02:32:45
Huw Price V40 02:33:26
Rowena Brown LV40 02:41:11
William Houghton V40 02:53:24
John Taylor  V60 02:54:13
Jo Taylor  LV40 02:58:25
Mike Gibson V40 03:10:29
Paul Walsh V50 03:27:27


Posted: Mon 27th Sep 2010

As some of you will be aware, the heroes at Three Shires were not any of the club runners, but two regular members of the Bowland support team, Ian Roberts and Andy Farmer.  They were in the vicinity of Three Shires Stone when we all came through, handing out the normal encouragement and supplies.  (I had one of Ian’s new potatoes for the first time and actually enjoyed it).  Soon after that they got involved in a serious accident, involving the last runner through in the race.  He had fallen on the final part of the descent from Wet Side Edge and broken both his tibia and fibula.  Our heroes were alerted by the guy’s screaming.  Needless to say, Andy arrived on the scene before Ian and having realised the seriousness of the injury rushed back to the pass to pick up a mobile phone to call out the emergency services. He then had to climb quite high before successfully obtaining a mobile signal.  Meantime Ian and the Mountain Goddess (?) had reached the victim and started to attend to his needs.  They all stayed with him until the air ambulance arrived, around an hour or so later.  At around 5 o’clock, Jo and I saw Ian at Hodge Close.  As we all know, Ian likes a project and he had offered his services to drive the victim’s car from Hodge Close back to the Three Shires.  You should have seen the look on Ian’s face, when he realised that the car in question was a top-of-the-range Range Rover.  By coincidence, a Kanku 4x4 convoy had just arrived in the car park.  We left Ian deciding whether to follow the convoy or to take the short cut back to the Shires via the ford at Tilberthwaite.  I am sure that he will provide us with a suitably embellished account.  Later in the evening Jo and I bumped into Selwyn Wright and he told us what a great job Ian and Andy had done.  So very well done the two of you – your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Posted by John Taylor

Posted: Mon 20th Sep 2010

Steve Swarbrick had an excellent run at The Ben this year, just finishing outside the top ten. Club results were;

11th   Steven Swarbrick     1:48:21
250th Emma Gregory        2:26:42
457th Paul Walsh               3:07:10


Photos courtesy of Darian Bridge on the Borrowdale website.

A link to his photo’s can be found here

Emma Gregory posted the following report;

The Ben Race
Whilst the majority of Bowlanders were battling it out at Shelf Moor and others orienteering at The  Capricorn, 3 hardy souls made it over the border to Scotland to haul themselves up (and back down) the Ben.
I did this race last year for the first time and wondered if it would still hold the same appeal?  I don’t know what it is about it but it draws you back and doesn’t disappoint , well for me anyway but then maybe I’m easily pleased?  It’s one of the most expensive races in the calendar and weighs in at a hefty £17 entry fee which gets you a miniature bottle of whiskey, numbers, tags and safety pins – not a sniff of a t-shirt!  Added to that is the fuel bill for a 650 mile round trip, the 7 hours sat on your backside getting there and of course the Starbucks bill on top of that, so it would have to be pretty special!

For those that haven’t done it before it’s all very simple, no map needed and no worry that the luminous vest is being used as a target!  The weather was indeed spectacular this year, in fact there was the concern it would be just a bit too hot a complete contradiction to last year’s minus 25 on the summit and 80mph winds. Registration is in Claggan park which is always a hive of activity, Pete Blands van, burger vans, various tents and stalls, not to mention the caleigh type music coming through the tannoy,  a real bru ha ha with this year the added attraction of the BBC cameras.  Not being selected for a personal interview (harrumph!!) I went to pick up my envelope from the nice ladies with their very strict and efficient system!  Envelope number 53 contained 2 race numbers, to be worn front and back, 8 safety pins, a summit tag to wear around the neck and handed to the marshal at the err, well, summit, a race card to be carried in the bum bag at all times and  finally a red tag to get into the starters pen, a far cry from filling in a scrap of paper with a dodgy biro and handing over £3!

A quick introduction with Stephen and a chat with Paul the 3 of us took our places in the midst of the 400 or so other runners at the near corner of Claggan Park to be piped round to the starters pen by bagpipes and drums, there’s no denying this doesn’t happen very often and certainly gives the race that extra special je ne c'est quoi? At 1pm the claxon goes and it’s a mad dash around the perimeter of the field to then funnel out of a gates width gap at the top, inevitably leading to a bottleneck.  With a long way still to go and the knowledge of what was to come I duly took my place at the back.  Last year my time was 2:36 and the only agenda I had was to try and beat it this year I reckoned not getting caught up in the carnage was the way to go!

As I say, there is nothing to this race other than to run 5 miles with 4450ft up, turn then come back  5 miles with 4450ft down.  The road section in and out to the foot of the tourist path isn’t exactly welcome it’s over a mile long I think and I don’t suppose there would be many at all that actually enjoy it?  On the way out it seems to go on for a while but it sorts out a lot of the pecking order, on the way back though, it goes on forever! 

The climb up the summit was as straightforward as it could be, I got stuck in quite a lot of traffic, for the most part it’s pretty single track stuff and overtaking can be quite difficult therefore starting nearer to the front could be a better option after all?  There are cut offs at both the red burn and the summit but they are relatively generous although the strict race rule of not making it back in 3:15 meaning you can’t enter again sure plays on the mind and helps you get a move on!
After the burn the climb gets more interesting as it veers away from the tourist path and heads vertically up the grassy back, hands on ground grabbing at the ground style.  This is followed with a long and steep rocky/scree section and it’s at this point the leaders are starting to come back down. The really DO come back down with what appears reckless abandon – must be something to do with the gravity?!  It wasn’t long before I saw Stephen, clearly having a fabulous run as he was right up at the business end whilst we ‘also ran’s were still slogging it out trying to get to the top – which I am sure is further away than I remember?!

Summit bagged it’s a blast on the way back, scree, rocks, grass the lot down, down, and more down.  I looked at my watch and to be honest had no idea whatsoever if I was on for a pb, it was looking at the watch though that caused the first tumble, right on my backside – ouch.  I saw Paul not too far behind and gave him a shout although I think he was concentrating?!

The rest of the journey off the mountain was pretty uneventful until the last 50 yards or so of the path before hitting the road where I came a right cropper , tripping on a stone with wobbly and tired legs.  It was the full somersault even turning the air blue, the run on the road was difficult enough but this time there were bloodied knees and elbows and a swollen leg to take the mind off it? Still, determined to get the illusive sub 2:30 I ran as fast as my little legs could take me however, as if the road isn’t enough, the race doesn’t end and the clock doesn’t stop until you have completed a full circuit of the park.

Steven had a fabulous race and finished 11th overall although he thought he was 12th I managed the sub 2:30 I’d hoped for and Paul looked like he’d enjoyed himself too – although I have made a mental note not to fetch him anything other than water in future!
A fabulous atmosphere and a race that really doesn’t disappoint and one that I will be continue to do and possibly be the only one I make SURE I do – only another 19 to go to get the plaque!

Results can be found here
11th Steven Swarbrick     1:48:21
250th Emma Gregory     2:26:42
457th Paul Walsh    3:07:10

Emma G

Posted: Mon 13th Sep 2010

Bowland now has the new English V50 Champion in our midst (or usually out in front) - Mike secured the title at Shelf Moor last weekend by coming 32nd in the race overall.

Posted: Fri 10th Sep 2010

On a recent BAFTA to Hawthornthwaite Fell, it was observed that the trig pillar has fallen over. As one of the most unusual landmarks on the Bowland hills the fallen trig pillar deserves an obituary on the website. Rob Woodall (a known trig point bagger) commented " It was up on 27 April and down by 8 August (we triggers can be quite pedantic) and while mentioning that there was some speculation (by others) on the activities of trig-climbing baggers in hastening its demise, I don't advance that view myself - to do so would be more than my life is worth!"


Posted by Yiannis

Before and after photos - thanks to Crispin and Emma

                                                   The Fallen Pillar

Posted: Fri 10th Sep 2010

Emma Gregory has inaugurated a new Bowland group and a page on the website - view the activities of the BAFTA's on the "Club Activities" section or CLICK HERE.

Posted: Fri 10th Sep 2010

Congratulations to "Bowland Junior" Matthew Sweeney, surely a star of the future! Competing in fell races for the first time this season he raced in all six of the English Junior Championship rounds and finished the series a fabulous 4th place overall in the U12's just two  points off a bronze medal.  His best finish was an excellent 2nd at Clougha Pike demonstrating his true Bowland pedigree! Obviously being dragged round to watch his ageing/slowing dad over the years had encouraged him to have a go and hopefully Matt and others will keep the Bowland flag flying!!!

Posted: Wed 1st Sep 2010

The coming weekend sees Mike Johnson's 'all to play for' final race at Shelf Moor in the English Championship 2010. Steve Oldfield of Calder Valley will undoubtedly vie with Mike for the trophy in this short race. Hopefully Mike can regain the form he showed on the Clougha Pike race this year, good luck!

Posted: Wed 1st Sep 2010