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Bowland Fell Runners News: 2012

News: 2012

Mt Statto has completed the tables for this years championship;

62 completed at least one champs race this year (51 men and 11 ladies) and 17 completed at least enough races to give themselves the chance of getting maximum points - 13 men and 4 women. A great effort from the club and it has certainly been much more competitive this year, needing the final efforts at Carwags to be the decider in some cases

CHRIS READE completed the most races (9 out of 11 and organised the 10th)

Category winners were;

ROWENA BROWNE LV50, LV40 and LADIES - with Sarah Sherratt running her a very close second.





Full tables are at the bottom of the Club Champs 2012 page

Happy reading stattos and Happy Xmas

Posted: Fri 21st Dec 2012

The Arenig Fawr race has now got a new and much tougher route. Details including a map can be found in this  WEBSITE and also we've put a new page in the "Our Races" section of this website.

Arenig Map

Posted: Sat 8th Dec 2012

 With B b B being cancelled, the alternative options seem to have  been explored on a beautiful day in Lancashire!

Chris recruited 16 fellow souls for "The Bowland Laugh"  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS - thanks to Richard Davies for the photos - did Clive turn up before or after his bike ride and fairly sure that's Dave Nuttall in one of them, a new club member? 

Meanwhile Mark Chip and I were to be seen at a 10 mile race, with no fells, and no off road come to think about it - otherwise known as Guy's 10. Flat and fast was the strap line, and it was, but we managed to out psyche the road runners by chatting through the first 4 miles before getting a shift on. The cheese at the finish was a nice touch mind.


Posted: Sun 2nd Dec 2012

 Good ol’ sleepy, rolling Pendle just waiting to catch out the unwary. 

A new start line so you don’t have to run across the road. The day was dull and dry, like Duncan recounting a favoured and tricky course through mid Wales. At least Kieran was kinder and shortened the course by half a minute. 

Nine or ten Orange and Greens amongst the 360 or so starters. 

I was interested in my own form seeing as I’d shed some weight but was wondering if some muscle had gone with it. Our own Richard would be contesting the top ten (9th) and intriguingly, there was a dispute over 6, 7 and 8 who Richard thinks took the wrong bearing off the Trig and missed CP 11.

Muddy conditions sapped the energy and good runners zig-zagged up the Big End as cramp meant they could hardly raise their legs. Richard and Chris both felt it badly. If you can forgive me being lyrical, I look upon Pendle as a gentle and tolerant lady with whom it is impossible to fight or hold a grudge. Her gentle slopes, bear with me here, neither too steep nor easy. And just don’t take her for granted.

I try to ease my way around. Kieran, the RO, over the past few years has added five minutes to the course to prevent erosion getting worse in certain fragile areas. The new route on Mearley Moor was supposed to go along the wall and dogleg up the walker’s path although it’s not flagged. When I get to the gate I’m really surprised to see that there is already a very clearly defined, new path cutting a diagonal swathe across the moor. Erosion by trying to avoid erosion. In my lyrical mood I think of it solemnly as another line on her kind and gentle face. Did I follow it? Yes –:(

Richard chooses the dogleg path and doesn’t lose any ground.

 Andy Crook and The Reverend are out on the hill spectating and supporting.

Leigh, however, is trying to spoil the karma. He glides past me on Spence Moor. Surprisingly, I steal in front off Geronimo. It isn’t till climbing Mearley that, whilst rummaging in my disintegrating bumbag ,I look up to see Leigh ten yards ahead. I don’t know how he did that. It’s time to gently dig in. Across the top before the drop off to the knoll at the bottom of the Big End, yet another track has materialised. All the runners I see, and Leigh, follow the track. (Now I think of it, another track has been made on the descent to Mearley Clough CP that wasn’t there even two weeks ago.  You’ll see what I mean if you have a look).

I stick with my plan and carry straight along the top to take a long traverse down to the CP. A good move as I make up the 30 yards Leigh had taken out of me when we converge. 

Good to see Dave Tait manning the correct Knoll this time. 

Mentally prepared for this, the biggest climb, I set off with intent in Leigh’s wake. Half way up we both decline The Reverend’s boiled spuds or ‘rocket fuel’ as he calls them. 

I can sense Leigh is making a concerted effort to drop me here, he said as much after, and I believe that our race outcome depends on my response right here and now. Cresting just behind Leigh we go over the stile. The gels, I’m a convert now, easing the cramp that nibbles away at my shortening stride and allowing me to gradually pass Leigh. Feeling like I’m in a scene from Chariots of Fire, Leigh shouts ‘ go on Declan, fantastic’.  What a guy!

I can’t believe that, finally, I’ll finish in front of one of the great members of our club on an AL.

It’s a great run over the top and down to CP11, Bill Smith’s Stone. Not so the last mile on tarmac. Fear and paranoia are a great help so I feel quite sprightly. I glance around several times but there’s no-one in sight. In the end I take about 14 minutes off my best time and Leigh honourably offers no excuses.

Let this be a lesson to any young whipper-snapper; as you travel along life’s windy paths and you notice a wrinkle or two appearing on a pretty face, keep your comments to yourself.




Postscript: Yes, the stewards enquiry did reveal that places 5, 6 and 7 had indeed all missed out checkpoint 11 and returned to Barley from the summit so everyone can boost themselves up 3 places!!  Can I also stress that my facial hair growth is NOT in fact a Movember effort but is actually a "Declan fan club" effort.   Rich

Posted: Tue 20th Nov 2012

Well done to all who competed from Bowland and especially to Declan for p.b.ing and having such a fine relationship with her good lady (Pendle, that is!!). All images can be found in the gallery section and are courtesy of  Roy Pritchard. You can see them all larger if you like on his Flickr page Roy Pritchard....Lee

Posted: Tue 20th Nov 2012

A fantastic 21 Bowlanders made the start line for this superb little race - including a record 6 ladies .. short and sharp with some technical descending and finished off by a cracking pie and a pint! Can it get any better? It was wet underfoot but the earlier torrential downpours abated and with only one small squall of hailstones, it was fairly close to "pleasant". Pam and Ruth were all smiles before the race, Nick was back at his first race for a while and Steve Cox was out without his bike this time. A great run!

At the front, Carl Bell and Danny Hope were making the running and soon pulled ahead up the first hill with the chasing mob strung out behind. Mike and I were duelling it out for club honours with Mark not too far behind. At the halfway point Mike continued to apply the pressure but we continued to pick off some dropping off the pace set at the front. Stickle Pike proved decisive and the small lead gained up here was not closed down on the slippery descent and the dash down the road at the end. This makes this years Club Champs very interesting with Mike and I tied on points currently, but with Mike leading on countback in head-to-head races. Carwags, the final event, will therefore be the decider so it seems that the headtorches will need to be dusted off !!

Bowland results and latest standings are now on the Club Champs page, full results below


Posted: Wed 14th Nov 2012

Just a reminder that it's Dunnerdale on Saturday, always a popular race amongst the club and the penultimate Club Champs race this year - see you there!

Get to Broughton Mills in good time and be prepared for a walk to the village hall. Race start 12:00, £6 EOD

Posted: Mon 5th Nov 2012

Richard Davies, on a foray on Clougha Pike a couple of weeks ago, found this unexploded bomb sticking out of the ground!


For the full story see:

Posted: Mon 5th Nov 2012

An excellent turn out for this Lakeland Classic with 18 Bowland on the startline. The evergreen Mike Johnson stole the show with an amazing run to come 4th overall and 1st MV40/45/50 .... surely a first for the race?? With Leigh as 1st MV55 and Rowena 3rd LV40 and 2nd LV45/50 and Yiannis 3rd MV65 and the 2nd Team prize, sounds like everyone went home very happy!

The results have been added to the club champs page ... and after a storming run, Mike Johnson hits the top of most of our tables for the first time this year - except for the Ladies in which Rowena has taken top spot. With just two races left - Dunnerdale and Carwags, it's time for those short "sprint" races to sort out the men from the old men and the girls from the ladies!!! Get your headtorches out and enjoy.

Posted: Fri 19th Oct 2012

I thought I’d better let you know that we, as a club, have made a substantial donation to the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue service. The size of the donation is £500 and is made up of the excess from the Fiendsdale race (I know it was back in March but it had completely slipped my mind) and a donation to the club from the family of the late Bill Smith. His family had said that we could use it in any way we liked and I thought that, since the mountain rescue were involved in the recovery of Bill’s body from the hills, it was only right that this invaluable organisation should benefit from the money. I spoke to Yiannis about it and he gave the donation his complete backing. We have had a great relationship with the BPMR for many years and I think that this will cement it even further. I received a message back from their fundraising officer inviting us to meet the team at their Garstang HQ as a way of thanking us for the funds. If anyone would like to go along then let me know and I’ll organise it. I hope you all agree that this is an apt use of club funds. Yiannis has also informed me that Graham Breeze donated £750 to the BPMR from the sale of Bill's books. A great gesture. The mountain rescue are going to use the funds to help refurbishing their HQ......Bowland Secretary

Posted: Mon 8th Oct 2012

Like many others who are still in shock from the tragic news about Darren Holloway, our thoughts are with his family. He was at the start of leg 4 in his Pennine vest and cycling cap as Steve and I set off chasing Ambleside's V40 team. After hearing at the finish that he'd been airlifted off the ridge I still expected to get the news today that he'd pulled through as he was such a strong guy. The only small comfort I can think of is that he died doing what he loved and it was a beautiful day in the lakes. He was known to many of us who race regularly in the lakes and was a true gent.


Quentin and Mark (Leg 2)                                       Chris and Steve hand over to Rich and Steve

2nd MV40 team in such a big race was a fantastic result for the club.

Rich M

Posted: Mon 8th Oct 2012

Just one change to the original line up - Marc Laithwaite replacing Mike Johnson on leg 3 ... all the rest are fit and raring to go I hope!

Support welcomed, but if you want to run, why not try Yiannis' Arenig Fawr race instead ?

The patterdale field (race HQ) has been very wet of late so keep your eye on http://www.ihmr.org.uk/ for the latest information before Sunday.

Posted: Thu 4th Oct 2012

Just got round to updating the Club Champs page after Whernside so click  HERE to see how you are doing . We've  just reached the mile stone of 50 Bowlanders taking part so far this year so we are definitely no longer a small club. With 8 already having completed enough races to challenge for the titles and still 3 races left lets have a big push to get this well into double figures this year!! Nothing is decided yet so get out there to Langdale, Dunnerdale and Carwags for more points.

You may have noticed recently that the club champs page has got too big and we've lost the early race reports (pre-Clougha). Hopefully the web guys will be able to retrieve these from the cache. 


Posted: Sat 29th Sep 2012

We have just entered a Male Vet team this year;

The Relay is in the Clockwise direction, from Patterdale

Leg 1:  Clive Davis and Steve Sweeney

Leg 2: Quentin Harding and Mark Chippendale

Leg 3: Chris Reade and Mike Johnson

Leg 4: Richard Mellon and Steve Swarbrick

Mike could be in doubt due to recent injury problems so if anyone would like to volunteer as standby, please let Captain Chris know. Legs and pairings can be shifted to suit individuals. We'll car share as cars with single occupants cost £10 to park!!!


Posted: Tue 25th Sep 2012


 Another weekend, another sunny Saturday! This one was even better than the last with ideal racing temperatures for this 12 miler out of Dent. On the drive up, Chris's advice was to "fight for every place because the prize list is huge" and with a good amount of track, this would be a "runners race". 

And so it proved, with the first mile (including the uphill from the start field to the road) clocking in on my watch at 6:30 - with the lead group disappearing into the distance! Doubts started about being able to keep this pace up. Fortunately, the climbing soon started and Mark Chip started to reel in the early whippets with me trying to hang on behind. The steady climb up Whernside soon saw some pay for their early exuberance!

The descent was rapid and then on the next long section of steady climb on more track I managed to pull away slightly from Mark. The short pull up to the Great Coum ridge provided the only walking section of the entire race then another steady pull up to the top. Footsteps behind me were catching fast though and with lungs bursting, I thought Mark must have scoffed his one and only gel and was on some sort of super surge .... only to be passed by a youth in very long shorts and t-shirt!! I hope he's not in the race - he wasn't fortunately as he'd missed the start by 5 mins but had decided to run it anyway - and would have won by the speed he eased past me.

The descent from Great Coum was fast again, with bog, reeds, rocks and sink holes to contend with - proper racing! - before the last bit of track and a flying descent down boggy fields to the finish. I'd fought for every place as instructed. Mark, Chris, Declan, Leigh, Dave and then Wayne all arrived to complete the Bowland team.

As it turned out, with the previous organiser Paul Cornforth no longer working for Lyon Equipment, they were not again sponsoring the race and the new organisers had stepped in at the last minute thereby ensuring that all the runners could enjoy a great race on a fantastic day in such a beautiful spot - so a big thanks to them!


Posted: Sun 23rd Sep 2012

 Despite the closure of the M6, 19 Bowlanders made it to this Lakeland Classic and club champs counter. The sunshine finally made an appearance meaning this years race was not a test of navigation, so Declan managed to finish. At the front, Rhys Finlay-Robinson showed no ill effects after winning the Mountain Trial the week before to win the race in the only time under 2 hours. For the club, Chris and I duelled to the 3 shires stone where I managed to get a small lead on the climb up Blisco. Chris reduced this with some more cunning lines on the descent but not by enough. The V50 team were well bunched, with Leigh the best placed and Mark Irving, in his first big Lakeland race, was still smiling at the finish to continue his good season. Ian obviously hung back to take the shots below and Jo was our only lady after Emma had decided to go for a little bike ride and support. A great race - thanks again Selwyn - and a great day out in orange and green! Club Results below.


1 Rhys Findlay-Robinson MSEN 01:59:44

15 Richard Mellon MV40 02:11:35
17 Chris Reade MV40 02:12:55
36 Mark Chippendale MV40 02:19:54
49 Leigh Warburton MV50 02:23:24
62 Huw Price MV50 02:27:43
66 Neil Shepherd MV50 02:30:12
67 Declan O'Duffy MV50 02:30:18
94 Steven Bamber MV40 02:39:32
154 Mike Gibbison MV40 02:57:09
171 Mark Irving MSEN 03:01:31
183 John Taylor MV60 03:05:12
197 Alan Heaton MV50 03:11:42
198 Ian Charters MV50 03:12:51
203 Colin Whitaker MV40 03:17:29
206 Andrew Farmer MV50 03:21:49
214 Jo Taylor LV40 03:28:32
224 Wayne Walsh MV50 03:38:13
229 Martin Welsh MV60 03:42:57
236 John Woodriffe MV40 03:58:47

Posted: Sun 23rd Sep 2012

Just getting around to looking at some results after my summer off .... Hodder Valley results have now been added to the Champs table with the result that Chris Reade nips into the lead although Clive and Mark got the better of him on the day. Paul Walsh Jnr??? Has Paul Snr decided he'd do better in the V40 category? He had a good run though! See the club champs page for the latest standings ... and if someone wants to write a race report, send it through!

Just waiting to add the results after a great day out at 3 Shires last Saturday too, despite the traffic problems.

And this coming Saturday is another Club Champs race ... Whernside ... £5 EOD so no excuses ... they are coming thick and fast at the moment so hope to see lots of you there. Map for the race below.

Rich M

Posted: Wed 19th Sep 2012

by Chris Reade

The Ben – extremely rough.

The time had come for departure. We met up at Mark’s in Galgate. Once again Mark asked if I’d got my race card. Once again I said I think so. Steve arrived and we had a similar conversation. By Junction 34 we were off the motorway. The back of the car was strewn with my stuff and I had a right sweat on looking for the dreaded race card. Mark and Steve thought it essential I had it so it was back to Quernmore for a look for the race card. In the event I found it at home and ¾ hour later we were back on the motorway and heading north.

One of the first extreme things about Scottish races is how far away you have to go for a run. The other is the weather which deteriorated steadily all weekend. On arrival we pitched tents, the wrong side of the hedge as it happens and this became more crucial as the weather deteriorated. I didn’t know the wind would blow from that direction – honest Steve. Mark’s tent held up well, well pitched and sturdy, my lightweight was reasonable but Steve’s almost disappeared over the hedge. His pagoda came in handy with the eternal Scottish drizzle, as did his car for him to sleep in on Sunday night.

After a recce on Saturday evening to look at the vexed question of the green bank and short cuts off the return path there was some socialising to be done at the local bar. Then it was off to bed for an early night.

Race day was drizzly again, which for me was useful as it made me rest, and eat. The race start was fabulous with bagpipes, pipe band, ceremony, parading and then the off. Lots of the usual faces were there and a good contingent of Bowland runners. Several Walshes appeared as they do at most races. Saw in the results a Phil Corris running for Lancashire Constabulary. Must have been undercover as none of us saw him. Presume it is the one and same Bowland Phil Corris.

During the race early on the weather was kind. A circuit of the field, up the road then onto the rough track. Jostling for position a Scottish brute elbowed me right in the throat which upset me briefly. Later he grabbed my bum bag and we had to have words. Anyway he showed me round later on so I forgive him. He was the most shouted for person at my point in the race so I made a point of staying with him as I reckoned he must be local, as he indeed was and had good lines. The top was tricky in the deteriorating poor weather and once I hit the summit it was concentration and effort to keep upright and focussed.

Summiting at 1 hr 15 I thought I would be in with a chance of catching Mark. Almost being with him at the top of the grassy bank on the return, my guides, the aforementioned Scottish chap and Alan Smith, a respected runner whom I’ve marvelled at on Jura both hooked a right. Ah, down the path, so I dived in the gully after them. Damn, I had to slow down so as not to kill the Scottish chap with falling rocks. We hoofed it down the path only to rejoin Mark a few minutes further down as the green bank brigade rejoined the main path. No quicker but probably easier running. It was then full bore and concentration all the way down. I got away from the Scottish chap and interestingly never saw Alan again. I think he hooked round the back of Melantee and down the bank used in the Melantee race. A radical move. He was a minute behind me but I reckon I was travelling faster downhill, so his route may have promise. I was told that the 10 place runner also went that way.

The weather deteriorated into proper cold rain, the helicopter went up and down a few times which was worrying. The story seems to be that the Green Bank is quicker but the steep angle trashes the legs more and judging by the holes in peoples legs that could prove crucial. The evening’s prize giving – more bag pipes and speeches and plenty of prizes, followed by mucho drinking was great. Steve did fabulous in the race and even more fabulous with the driving. It was as much as I could do to snooze most of the way home. Roll on next year.

Ben Nevis Race 2012 – Finishers List


Posted: Tue 11th Sep 2012

by Chris Reade

Chipping was an interesting race with a Bowland 1,2,3 , Mark took the honours with Steve Swarbrick chomping at the bit and me in third. Paul Walsh junior was up there and the other Walsh family members raced too. Guest appearance from Sean Bolland, but lashing rain an hour and a half after the race meant that much of the post race festivities and the show itself seemed to be abandoned.

1 CHIPPENDALE, Mark Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:05:48
2 SWARBRICK, Steve Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:06:46
3 READE, Chris Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:09:02
7 WALSH, Paul Senior Men 1:13:53
13 DAVIES, Richard Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:16:56
17 BOLLAND, Sean Bowland FR Senior Men 1:19:00
18 GREEN, Robert Horwich RMI H. Veteran 50 Men 1:19:05
19 TAYLOR, Ken Rossendale H & AC Veteran 65 Men 1:19:34
25 JOHNSON, Paul Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:22:27
35 SHERRATT, Sarah Bowland FR Veteran 40 Ladies 1:28:01
37 IRVING, Mark Bowland FR Senior Men 1:29:04
48 WALSH, Paul Bowland FR Veteran 65 Men 1:39:25
49 PLOWMAN, Paula Red Rose RRC Veteran 40 Ladies 1:39:50
52 HEATON, Alan Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:49:53

Posted: Tue 11th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012

I’ve been in conversations with Yiannis Tridimas, who many of you will know. Yiannis has already placed a plaque in tribute to Bill at the trig point on Totridge but now has asked me to pass on the information that there will be a walk/run from Chipping up onto the tops on Saturday 11th August meeting at 12.00 in the carpark in the middle of the village. Bill’s ashes will be scattered on the fells near where he died. Yiannis has said that everyone should feel welcome to attend, especially his fellow Clayton runners......Lee Dowthwaite (Bowland Club Secretary)

Posted: Tue 17th Jul 2012

by John Taylor

Quentin completed an amazing double at the World Masters Orienteering Championships on Saturday by winning the M50 Long course final by 8 seconds to add to his win in the sprint event earlier in the week.  


Posted: Wed 11th Jul 2012


World Masters Orienteering Championship  by John Taylor

This is currently being held in the Harz area of Germany.  The Sprint Finals were run on Monday (2nd July) and the Long Finals will be run at the weekend.  Bowland FR has a World Champion!  Quentin Harding won the M50 (50-55 age group) Gold Medal in the Sprint Finals by 3 seconds.  Go to http://live.wmoc2012.de/results_sf_0015.html for the full results

Thanks to Brian Ward of HALO for permission to use this photo.

Posted: Tue 3rd Jul 2012

The results to all of Saturday's races can be found at the bottom of the Clougha Pike page (see "Our Races"). Despite some dire predictions, the weather turned out well on the day and all of the races were well supported. A big thank you to all who came from far and wide, especially the huge contingent from Wharfedale Harriers - we hope you enjoyed the day! Any errors in the results can be reported by email to webmaster@bowlandfellrunners.org.uk


Posted: Sun 24th Jun 2012

From race organiser Chris Reade May 2013 :

Please note changes to junior races. Under 8 / <10 <12 & <14 now at 2 pm and shorter than previous championship races to try to encourage more none championship contenders. Mainly to be run on the farmland.   Under 16 will set off at 3.05 and use the senior course to Fell End Farm then down and back. Under 18 to run with senior race. No access to farmland until race day and bring Cagoule and Leggins, No Kit, No Run particularly if the weather is bad. Seniors Under 16 and Under 18 kit likely to be mandatory.


Posted: Fri 22nd Jun 2012


John’s Duddon perspective
Although I wouldn’t choose them, conditions such as those on Saturday give me the chance of doing much better than I would normally do and this certainly turned out to be the case on the day.   As seems to be increasingly common, I was the last runner of the 99 starters to leave the start field and was still in last place as we started to make our way up through the woods by Wallowbarrow Crag. I finished 44th, which by my maths means that I overtook well over half the field! I probably saw only about ten of them in doing so. I wonder what happened to the rest? So there’s always hope for old plodders (if they go the right way!).
By Harter Fell I had managed to overtake a few runners and was in a group of about 5 at the summit. It was there that I got my compass out as I know from experience it is where the navigation starts to get tricky in clag. I relied on rough bearings and knowledge of the course from then on. I managed to get away from the others as we left the summit and then didn’t see anyone until I started climbing Hardknott fell. Like other Bowlanders I didn’t hit the top of Hardknott pass bang on but was about 250 metres on the Eskdale side. Interestingly Jo and I had made the same error when running the leg in mist a few weeks back. As I started to climb Hardknott I started to hear some runners coming up behind me. I cursed to myself as I thought that it was the group that I had got away from on Harter Summit. My spirit soon improved when it turned out to be Alan Miller and a couple of other (relatively) speedy runners. I managed to keep up with them down to Mosedale, taking a slightly different line, and was then really cheered to see a long line of “runners” ascending Little Stand, including some orange vests I think. No one else has mentioned it but Mosedale Beck was in spate and by no means easy to cross. Just as I started the long climb to the top, I found a compass on the ground. (I still have it if it belongs to a Bowlander – might explain a few things). I was pleased to find the summit and then the route to Gaitkins. At some point on the ascent of Little Stand I picked up a companion. One of the runners in my vicinity, I assume one of those who had made errors up to that point, latched himself onto my tail and stayed about 1 metre behind me for the rest of the race. I never saw his face until he finished the race 1 second behind me! Check the results - a Newburgh Nomad (well what do you expect, it’s not a proper fell-running club, is it?). We obviously chatted on the way round and he said that he was happy to go at my pace, as he had supported on a leg of the Bob Graham in the early hours of Saturday morning. He had decided to “double-up” as training for the Lakeland 100.
Anyway when we got to Three Shires, I asked Andy Walmsley (supporting with Gill) how far Alan Miller was in front of me, as I hadn’t seen him since the ascent of Little Stand. Andy said “just a few minutes”. In the end Alan finished 27 minutes behind me, so he will not be looking back at Duddon 2012 as his greatest achievement. You’ll have to ask him where he went. Along the subsequent ridge sections of Great Carrs, Swirl Band, Dow Crag and Brown Pike, I took safety-first rather than optimal lines and stuck fairly close to the ridge tops. At one point my running companion betrayed a certain lack of knowledge concerning the race route by asking whether we had yet got round Coniston Old Man. I suggested that he might be thinking of another event? At the time we were just beginning the climb to Dow Crag. The next thing of note was that we came across a group of about five runners that included Moo (the first and only Bowlander I saw after the start) on the newish zig-zag track off Brown Pike – probably more or less in the place where Richard got confused. I also found the zig-zag track confusing but just about had the confidence to carry onto Walna Scar Road. By this time Moo and her group had joined our group of two. After that I picked up the trod on the right hand side of the ridge that leads eventually to White Pike.  Somewhere in the middle of the bland section across to Caw I lost contact with the track in one of the boggy areas and stopped to get my map out. Not a lot of use when I cannot see any detail without my specs. Strangely enough, everyone else seemed to stop as well. On a hunch I headed slightly to the right, sticking more or less to my SW bearing, and was lucky enough to pick up a trod again and soon started to recognise features on the ground. After that it was fairly straightforward. Mo and the other members in her group shot off as we approached Caw summit, while my chum and I took it fairly easy to the finish. Well there’s the Great Lakes race next week to think about, isn’t there? Could be interesting again from the sound of the 5-day weather forecast!! Must remember my compass.
Having followed me for more than half the race my new chum did have the good grace to stay 1 metre behind to the end – good form. In the end, I was very pleased with my run and was only 9 minutes slower than in good conditions the previous year.
Posted: Tue 12th Jun 2012

The third club champs race of the year proved to be a true test of navigational ability with thick clag clinging to the hills above 400m and almost everyone wandering off line at some point in the race. A smaller than usual field of 95 were eaten alive by the midges in the start field before being released into the cloud and any savvy individual had the compass out from the start! Over 10% of those on the start line wore orange and green (mentally, if not literally) and for several Bowlanders this was their first time round the course. The nerves were apparent as it was clearly going to be a bit of an ordeal ... special mention must go to new member Allan McKeown ... a tough induction!!

Finding Harter Fell was relatively straightforward, but then finding the road on the col proved too much of a challenge for several "old hands" with Mike & I ending up way too far left and Chris ending up too far right! The fun and games had only just begun though and on the steep pull up to Little Stand Mike gained about 30 seconds on me, enough for him to disappear off the checkpoint leaving me to use the map and compass once again. I was well pleased to find the trod down to 3 Shires at the first go (and with Scoffer and friends appearing from somewhere out of Gaitkins) but laughed to be told by Andy Walmesley that Mike was nowhere in sight! He'd decided to have another look at Stonesty Gill in preparation for next weeks Great Lakes ... a 180 degree error.

From 3 Shires it was a lonely affair with the map and compass as the weather closed in and the small errors continued all the way to Dow Crag, including going to the top when the checkpoint is about 20m below it! In such low visibility I even managed to convince myself for a while that the path off Brown Pike was the Walna Scar road, but eventually found the good grasy ridge along to White Pike. On the descent, a familiar figure emerged from the gloom and Mike came storming past, giving me a brief respite as I followed him for as long as I could. Even the descent from Caw was not straightforward and I drifted too far left into the crags before emerging from the cloud and spotting the flagged route in. 3:30 was a decent time given the fatigue in my legs at the end of the race (and after Ennerdale last week)  but the club honours once again go to Mike, who was stronger throughout - ran further, climbed more and came in as 1st MV50 and 4th MV40!

It was one of those days, and as people drifted into the finish, everyone had a story to tell. Chris emerged about 30 minutes later, Hugh had packed in at 3 Shires (having taken over 3 hours to get there) and there were an increasing number of DNFs added to the board

I had to dash off at the finish (Quentins 50th - happy birthday!) which was a bit of a shame as the Bowland Ladies again had an excellent day with Sarah Moo Massey continuing her fine form to come in as 2nd Lady and Emma as 5th Lady. John Taylor (on home turf!) had a great run to come in as 2nd MV60 with Cookie as 3rd MV60

9 Bowlanders completed the race and I'm tempted to award double club champs points for perseverance in the face of adversity!! As always, it'd be great to hear everyones stories and look forward to seeing the blog in the coming days. See you at Great Lakes - I'm praying for a clear day.

10  Mike Johnson  MV50  Bowland Fell Runners  3:26:17
12  Richard Mellon  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  3:30:40
20  Chris Reade  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  4:05:04
42  Sarah Massey  L  Bowland Fell Runners  4:35:26
44  John Taylor  MV60  Bowland Fell Runners  4:37:33
53  Graham Lund  M  Bowland Fell Runners  5:05:19
61  Emma Gregory  L  Bowland Fell Runners  5:12:20
63  Allan McKeown  M  Bowland Fell Runners  5:12:35
67  Ian Cookson  MV60  Bowland Fell Runners  5:15:54



Posted: Sun 10th Jun 2012

There was a successful completion of the Meirionnydd Round on Friday-Saturday, 25th/26th May by Carwyn Phillips. This was the second completion and the first sub 24-hour one since the round was introduced by myself in 1998. There was a significant Bowland presence, which contributed to the successful outcome: Wynn was in charge of logistics and road support. Alan Lucker, Alan Duncan, Ian Roberts, Bill Williamson and myself helped with pacing, transport and other duties. 

by Yiannis

Posted: Thu 31st May 2012

This years Scottish Islands Peaks Race was amazing! If you like your running in the most stunning scenery with a bit of sailing thrown in for good measure, then this is the one for you. 5 monohulls and their runners battled it out for 44 hours with all 5 teams running on Arran in the dark of Sunday morning before the final short sail to the finish line at Troon.

Dave Ward (Pennine) and I were the runners for the boat "Sea Fever" a luxurious beast chartered for the occasion by Simon Coppock and Ross Crook of Budworth Sailing Club. To be honest, my initial thoughts were that the boat was too heavy and big to be a serious competitor, but then I found out that it holds the record for the Jura to Arran leg! Arriving in Oban on Thursday night (along with Muir Morton and Adam Perry (Moby J) and Rees Finlay-Robinson and Will Spain (Clockwork) all stuffed into a Peugeot 206) the indicators were good when Ross was wanting to empty the water tanks to reduce weight and offload two of the three anchors on board - he was here to compete!! The skippers were talking about a very close race this year between Sea Fever, Dorothea (Robbie Simpson and Joe Symonds running), Clockwork (Rees and Will), Moby J (Mur and Adam) and Bequia (Stuart Malcolm and Alex Monroe - two hardy scots!) and how right they were.


Friday at Noon saw us heading off for the Oban short run before the mad row out to the awaiting yachts all vying for position near the start line. We all watched Joe and Robbie disappear into the distance whilst the rest of us settled in, conscious of the 24 miler on Mull later that day.


We all got away cleanly from the harbour and with a good NE wind whizzed up the Sound of Mull with the wind on the beam. We were screaming along at over 9 knots when the trimaran who won the overall race, Obedient, came zipping by doing at least 15 or 16 knots!


Sea Fever held her own in the race up to Mull and overtook Dorothea but Clockwork, Moby J and Bequia were faster so with us only minutes between us the Mull run was going to be crucial. It has a nasty 6 mile run on road to begin and end with, a few miles on track round the loch and then the big shlep up and down Ben More. Dave and I were settled into a strong pace at 7 minute miles when Robbie and Joe came blasting past on their way to setting a new record for the leg (beating Jebbie's by over 14 minutes! - 3h 12min) and promoting Dorothea from 5th in class to 1st. We steadily overtook Muir and Adam, then Rees and an unhappy Will but Bequia maintained their 2 minutes or so advantage to the summit. A perfectly clear evening on top of a scottish mountain with all the islands around is always an incredible sight, but no time for piccies as we tried to excape the following teams with a crafty line ... it worked, and we caught up Bequia and left Moby J pondering the best route! The run round the side of Ben More took us through lots of plane wreckage (must look that one up) and the Bequia boys knew the ground well so we hung onto them, but they were tough laddies and pulled away on the steep descent back into the glen. Dave and I stopped on the track to put on trainers, ready for the road section but spotting Moby J close behind, had to make a dash for it. "The road is long..." was playing in my head all the way back to Salen but we ran strongly (4h 11), even taking some time out of the scots infront. So for the monohulls it was to be Dorothea, Bequia, Sea Fever, Moby J, Clockwork in that order as we left Mull, stuffed pasta down our necks and crashed out in the bunks


Our sailors worked hard through the night to navigate unfamiliar waters, strong tides and several hazards all in the dark. Dave and I tried to sleep through the crashing and banging but at 4am we were out in the dingy, rowing furiously towards Craighouse. Bequia and Dorothea were still ahead and we had all been overtaken by Clockwork so now in 4th. It was a superb morning with red skies and clear paps on the island - magical!!  The Jura leg covers the middle 3 paps and with some route choice out, Dave led off through the graveyard in an effort to catch Bequia who were about 10 minutes ahead. Spying them off to the right, our direct line to the first pap saw us nip infront and by the time they spotted us we were well away! Following the usual Jura route was fantastic, and we were even joined for a bit by Grant (the only islander to run the race currently ... "I was out at a wee house party 'til 2 and thought I'd come and see how youse were getting on"). The legs felt tired going up the final pap - about 40 miles into the race -and the bog from hell back to 3 arches bridge was a bit of a trial but once on the road, we had our sights set on under 4 hours and came in at 3h 59m so well pleased! No whisky glass for this one though but kept ahead of Penine rivals Moby J. By 8:15 we were under sail again off south, around the Mull of Kintyre and it looking like a night run on Arran.


This was to be the longest leg of the race and with strong tides around Kintyre, tactics were needed. With the spinnaker up in the strong initial winds Sea Fever raced along and Dorothea and Bequia were caught  in a couple of hours, but as the winds dropped, our heavier boat started to slip back and we could see Clockwork and Moby J (behind) heading off east towards the coastline -  a cunning tactic which would put them in slack waters where they could use their oars better. With no oars, we had to take our chances further out but as the wind dropped to virtually nought, and with the tide against us, we struggled to make any ground and soon watched Clockwork rowing away around the point and off for a clear lead- gutted! Dorothea and Bequia were in the same situation as us - heavier - and as we limped to the point, Dorothea got too close to the cliffs and stopped dead for about 20 minutes. When the winds picked up again, as we rounded the point, Bequia got them first and surged ahead, with Sea Fever next, thenDorothea and Moby J behind. The lighter boats continued to make ground and it was just after midnight on a starry night when we arrived in Lamlash bay, about 30 minutes behind Clockwork, 15 minutes behind Bequia, 10 behind Moby J and 15 infront of Dorothea - the race was on!!

Some cunning "in town" navigation by Wardy again helped us and as we popped out of the golf course at Brodick, we met Moby J coming in the opposite direction so all set off together up Goat Fell ... 870m from sea level. We could see Bequia (going up) and Clockwork (coming down) by their torches but knew that Dorothea would soon overtake us and lo ... here they come ... and they're running!! It takes strength to still be running up hills like that after the previous 36 hours so hats off to Symonds and Simpson. We met Bequia about 100m below the top, so we were back in 4th position but I was struggling by now with an infected big toe so the descent down the path off Goat Fell was pure grimness. With Moby J now not far behind, Dave urged me on so they couldn't follow our golf course route and when we hit the flat section it was torches off. Back through Brodick and over to Lamlash, we could see Bequia infront but had no strength to make up the ground but were pleased with having overtaken Moby J once more. A swift row and it was all over for us as we collapsed onto the deck for the short trip to Troon.

Unfortunately, there was virtually no wind in Lamlash bay and we could see Dorothea and Bequia struggling to go anywhere. Clockwork had again employed the oars and then Muir and Adam arrived back to Moby J and they too started rowing out of the bay ... foiled again!! When we finally made it into some wind Clockwork was long gone, Bequia and Moby J were close, and Dorothea had opted to go for a more southerly route. The sailing now was into the wind so all teams were tacking furiously and it became a race for second between Bequia and Moby J. Dorothea's route choice did not pay off and all we could do was watch as the two infront were battling only minutes apart after 44 hours ... fantastic to watch!

In the end it was Clockwork, Bequia, Moby J, Sea Fever then Dorothea - almost the opposite ranking to the total running times I think but just goes to show you that a few minutes on land are worth nothing when you get out to sea. It was a magical weekend and a thrilling race to be in - the full results will be out when all the boats finish, which will probably be sometime tomorrow!

Posted: Mon 21st May 2012

A fantastic sight on Saturday to see so many Bowland vests on the start line - 22 in all - for this classic Lakeland horseshoe in perfect weather.  I think it is a new record for us and the cheers for the Bowlanders collecting their prizes at the end were definitely the loudest!

At the front of the field, the club honours this time went to Mike J who, having scanned the start list for the British Champs in Ireland and realising that Mark Roberts was on the boat, "went for it" and drifted almost effortlessly through the field on the long haul up to Fairfield to arrive in the summit in 8th place. He continued his superb run to finish 10th overall and 1st MV50 by almost 10 minutes. If he can maintain this form throughout the season, he'll be hard to get close to, let alone beat. Emma continued her strong form this season to come in as 5th lady and it looks like being a good battle for the Ladys title this year with Emma and Sarah Sarginson vying to topple Rowena. 

The club results were;

10 Mike Johnson V50 1:26:40
14 Richard Mellon V40 1:28:03
19 Chris Reade


71 Jim Rhodes V40 1:42:57
78 Declan O'Duffy V50 1:43:53
87 Andy Knowles V40 1:45:11
94 Leigh Warburton V50 1:46:51
113 Emma Gregory L 1:50:32
130 Ian Cookson V60 1:54:25
143 Colin Whittaker V40 1:56:18
170 Sarah Sherratt LV40 1:58:54
173 Mike Gibbison V40 1:59:30
177 Ian France V40 2:00:18
188 John Taylor V60 2:02:14
194 Mark Midgeley V40 2:02:50
212 Andy Farmer V50 2:07:09
226 Alan Heaton V50 2:10:11
227 Ray Pickett V60 2:10:14
234 Martin Walsh V60 2:12:12
249 Paul Walsh V60 2:18:42
270 Jo Taylor LV40 2:24:09
277 George James V60 2:27:09

 Well done to all those who raced - looking forward to hearing individual stories ... did anyone manage to avoid the knee deep slurry???

I'll put these onto the Club Champs page when I get time!

Rich M

Posted: Sun 13th May 2012

On May 1st-2nd I completed solo a round  of all 13 Corbetts that form a circuit around Glen Lyon, in 22 hours and 42 minutes. This is most likely a record number of Corbetts visited under 24 hours. It was my second visit to the area. Last year I had done 12 of those Corbetts under 24 hours and this year I revised and improved the route. The statistics of the challenge are: 60 miles and 20,000 feet of climb. Only the 13 Corbetts and no other hills are visited. The area is remote and beautiful. I rate this challenge as one of my favourites. Details will be published in the Fellrunner.


Posted: Thu 10th May 2012


Wynn and Steve put on another fantastic day on Saturday and it was great to see so many club vests racing as well as the support out on the hill. Cool conditions on the tops were ideal for running (and Lee seemed to have the best spot in the sunshine on High Snockrigg on the Teenager!!) but the clouds on top of Grasmoor meant it was Chris and Mikes turn this week to go a-wandering in the clag and somehow they ended up descending from Grasmoor down some steep scree instead of via the path, losing several places in the process. Mike still managed to snag the MV50 prize though!

In the Waltz, Mark Chip completed his 3 peaks training with a good run in 1h 52 and Moo was in the prizes for the ladies.

The full results for these see TEENAGER or WALTZ

Quite a few people were out taking photos so if you know of anyone, it can you get them to email me so I can compile a gallery??



Posted: Tue 24th Apr 2012

Well done to the Bowland Babes in the first race of our 2012 Championship - taking the team prize as well as 1st LV40 for Sarah Sarginson and 1st LV50 for Rowena. We blokes have some catching up to do! Chris continued his fine start to the season with 5th MV40 and first Bowlander home.

A race report by Emma is on the Club Champs page or else catch up on the blog.

See them all too on the Pendle Video Here

Next Saturday is the second English Champs race of 2012 at Coledale ... see you there!

Posted: Mon 9th Apr 2012

After my initial panic with only 30 runners entered the week prior to the race, there was an influx of people in the last few days wanting an entry. Obviously not everyone wanted to run Lads Leap after all….!!! With all the access issues over recent years, I had managed to convince myself that the new shorter course of the last three years was so far removed from the original classic route, that Fiendsdale had actually fallen out of favour with the fell running community. In reality it turned out to be a fantastic day, with the feel of a low key but very enjoyable race. The entries and results very effectively handled by Steve Taylor on his laptop. My other half (Pam) put her baking skills up for public approval by asking just a quid for tea / coffee and a delicious piece of cake in aid of the Pennine and Bowland Mountain Rescue (not much of which went home..!!) and the prizes being presented next to the finish at the foot of the fell instead of keeping people waiting for ages at the pub in the village, all helped to make the day great. As for the race, 75 started on an improving day with Mark Chippendale from Bowland making the pace on his home turf. However, he went astray at checkpoint two drifting too far east and lost ground he was unable to make up. The winner in the end by one and a half minutes was Dave Nuttall of Clayton ahead of Mike Johnson of Bowland. Sarah Sarginson, currently in formidable form took the ladies prize to go along with her win at Bleasdale two weeks prior, in an excellent time of 1:10:34.

Thanks as always to members of Bowland Fell Runners for their brilliant support, the Pennine and Bowland Rescue Team for manning the checkpoints and providing cover on the day and to local landowners who allow us to run the race.
Andrew Farmer
Posted: Mon 26th Mar 2012

The Bat League is all over (including the shouting) for another year. The finale run took place on a dry and clear Thursday night, with a surprisingly chilly wind. 12 illustrious bats split into two groups for a run up the "voi normale" (normal route) on Ingleborough from Storrs Common, Ingleton.

 There was slight consternation after the run when we found the Marton Arms (our planned bolt-hole) closed but we were soon ensconsed in the Craven Heifer instead, where Martin W shed a tear as he handed over the magnificent Grand Bat Trophy (crafted by Stew F) to Pam, who won the league with a determined and committed effort right through the season, completing all 45 runs. Well done Pam!

 It has been great to see the increase in female participation in the league this year, with Pam the first ever female winner, Julia in third place, Gill in 5th and Ruth in 9th - four women in the top 10! This is a tribute to the efforts of a number of people to make the runs more accessible and to lead 'advance groups' etc.

 Overall, the league continues to grow in all sorts of ways; in popularity (another record number of participants this year), in size (45 runs is another record) and in variety (yet more Carwags challenges were added this winter). This is all good stuff, but the increased number of participants at most runs has started to put pressure on some of our low-key little parking snickets, even at Carwags where we have a whole car park to ourselves!

 The Golden Bat scheme continues to be a success and the Dark Realm challenges proved an interesting addition, though they did occasionally conflict with other bat activites and interpretation of the rules was sometimes a source of some mild consternation. The Dark Realm may be relaunched in a different form for next year, along with some other bat league refinements, after I've had all Summer to think about it. Don't worry though, I'll stick to the principle of "if it aint broke, don't fix it" as much as possible...

 All that remains for me to do is to thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm, without which the Bat League would be nothing. Honestly, some of you are so enthusiastic it's an inspiration to a gnarly old bat like me, so thanks!

The Bat League now has an 8 year history and looks well capable of reaching it's first decade. Hope I'm around to celebrate it's Jubilee ;-) 

Bat League 2011/12 (45 runs)
1st Pam Farmer 131pts
2nd Graham Lund 122pts
3rd Julia Richardson 110pts
Total of 111 scorers

Posted: Mon 26th Mar 2012

Hmmmm ... not sure what to say about this one other than there was another good turnout from the Bowland contingent, and some of them managed to navigate successfully around the entire course. The results speak for themselves and are HERE .

Personally, I was too concerned about finding the line from checkpoint 2 to 3 in the clag so I missed 2 and ended up in Ogden Clough. Rejoining the race line between 2 and 3 I then had to run against the traffic back to 2, much to the amusement of Steve Bamber and numerous others who were offering plenty of "helpful advice"!! The only ray of sunshine was getting to the finish and not finding Chris - he'd not managed to follow a bearing between 2 and 3 and had ended up in a grouse shoot somewhere near the ski slopes! Maybe we need to resurrect the "Rob Wynne" navigation award? Was John Wade the last holder? If so, he can give up his title after a clean run around this one.


Posted: Wed 14th Mar 2012

John Parminter - Black Combe                   

Saturday’s race at Black Combe was as eventful day out and certainly ranks as one of the best races in the calendar. The Bowland turnout was in double figures but events seemed to conspire against them all reaching the start line when a bloodied Oliver appeared back at the car with an unusual request – could we come and help him find his glasses? An unusual request, granted, but Chris and I duly ran back along his “warm up” to the site of the stumble and soon found them in the grass. Long sight restored we sped off to the start line, only to find a dibberless John dashing off to his car with minutes to go and Jo sporting an interesting attire of  luminous yellow braces after an elastic malfunction in her Ron Hills! John didn’t make it back in time and generously gave the entire field a head start.

The race itself started in sunshine with the steep climb up Seaness and the steady pull up onto Black Combe. Rob Jebb led from the off and shot off up the hill. For Bowland, Oliver steadily made ground through the field up the hill, followed by Mark and I in amongst the Borrowdale V40 team. The run down to White Combe stretched the field out before the steep drop to the hayrack and contour down to the beck. At this point I noticed the black clouds brewing above the Combe and sure enough, a few minutes later there was a vicious hail storm. Sheltered from the strong winds by the hill, the first few Bowlanders got stung but it was tolerable, however, back on White Combe it was apparently like being blasted by a shotgun. The fact that Leigh stopped to don full waterproofs tells you how bad it was and Sean opted to have a 10 minute lie down in a sheepfold/bothy to let the storm pass! Nick, never one to make much fuss, just put his hat on and kept going.

Back up on Black Combe, Scoffer appeared from nowhere off to the right and ran strongly up to the top whilst Oliver’s lack of hill time enabled Mark and I to gain ground. The hail stopped, the sun appeared again and it was the usual eyeballs out dash down the ridge desperately trying to stay upright. The Borrowdale team showed their superior descending skills but the Bowland boys were not too far behind in the end. As more runners arrived, it became clear that the leading 15-20 had avoided the worst of the weather as the rest displayed hundreds of welts on legs and arms from the hail … not a pretty sight!

Pie and peas in the village hall rounded off a fine race – if you’ve never done this one before, pencil it in for next year, you won’t be disappointed .... just remember the string for your glasses, don't forget your dibber, check the elastic on your pants and keep an eye on the weather.

For the full results CLICK HERE

Pos Name    Cat  Club     Time
10  Richard Mellon  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:14:46
14  Mark Chippendal MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:15:49
16  Oliver Wild  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:16:41
26  Chris Reade  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:20:25
44  David Wilson  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:25:53
71  Nick Hewitt  MV50  Bowland Fell Runners  1:33:00
73  Leigh Warburton MV50  Bowland Fell Runners  1:33:25
82  Jim Rhodes  MV40  Bowland Fell Runners  1:36:02
100  Sean Bolland  M  Bowland Fell Runners  1:40:55
131  John Taylor  MV60  Bowland Fell Runners  1:48:35
153  Mark Irving  M  Bowland Fell Runners  1:53:14
163  Martin Walsh  MV60  Bowland Fell Runners  1:56:28
174  Jo Taylor  LV40  Bowland Fell Runners  2:06:38
Richard M

Posted: Mon 5th Mar 2012

A fantastic day last Saturday saw 25 Bowland vests out on the Bleasdale Circle - a club record for a single race I think?? It was great to see many new faces and hopefully shows the strength in depth that the club can produce after the winter season in the dark. Both mens and ladies team prizes will hopefully become more regular at races this season.

Simon Bailey made his intentions clear from the outset and disappeared rapidly into the distance, finishing only 3 seconds behind the race record. Sarah Sarginson ran a superb race, to finish as first Lady. Mark Chippendale had a strong race to finish first Vet 40 and first Bowlander with Steve Swarbrick almost catching him after a flying descent of Parlick. For the full results and race report see the Bleasdale page ... although not sure that Pam Farmer will relish competing in the MV50 class this season!!

A huge thanks again go to Les and his team of marshalls and helpers for putting on such a great event.

Posted: Mon 27th Feb 2012

After the cancellation of PBW the weekend before I was glad to hear that despite the treacherous conditions underfoot the race was to go ahead. A hill completely covered in ice was the major problem, followed by ice under water, and a serious navigational challenge due to the pea-souper conditions...not that many had the chance to look where they were going as you searched for a route linking tussocks surrounded by ice! The lead group raced off into the cloud and I found myself in the second group which grew steadily throughout the race as we picked up lost souls here and there. We were indebted to Mick Green for his navigational nouce and any forays ahead usually saw a u-turn to pick up the pied piper's trail again.

In the end, the winner Graham Pearce, closely followed by Danny Hope, Karl Gray and Danny Kay were about 10 minutes ahead of the second group and times were not much slower than usual despite it feeling like you were always about to fall over (no knee deep bogs to contend with). Most of us were happy to get round in one piece. An "interesting" race and a great one to start the season for the hardy bowlanders. Richard M.

11 Richard Mellon M40 1:40:59
58 Steve Bamber M45 2:06:16
107 Mark Midgley M40 2:23:38
121 Ian Charters M55 2:26:35
149 Martin Walsh M65 2:40:40


Posted: Mon 13th Feb 2012

Bleasdale Circle Fell Race 25th Feb. 2012

The race is now a pre entry only race.

Due to the cancellation of the Noonstone Fell Race which was to be on the same day, I have decided to make the race pre entry only as we are only a small race with a limit of 140 runners and I have made promises to the Landowners that we will not exceed the limit.

So if you want to run send your entry in soon.

£4 to Les Orr,

Hazelhurst Cottage,


Preston. PR3 1UY

Or, If you would like to marshall either on the Fell or lower down, then call me on 01995 678118

Posted: Wed 25th Jan 2012

With the CARWAGS results being added as the last race, the 2011 Championship is now complete. The full breakdown can be seen on the club champs page of the website.

In the "best of 4" MV60 category, Ian Cookson narrowly pipped John Taylor whilst the rest of the men's categories saw Lancaster based winners with Mike Johnson (MV50), Chris Reade (MV40) and Richard Mellon (Open).

Rowena Browne continued her domination of the Ladies category with her 5th consecutive win.

The stats are interesting. It was good to see a record number of 59 Bowlanders competing in the champs this year and the Carwags event proved the most popular. Only 8  runners though completed the minimum number of races for their categories (down from 16 in 2006) - is racing in the club on the decline?? DIscuss!

Posted: Thu 19th Jan 2012

 We are entering 2 teams this year for the relay on February 5th.

Open Team: Captain - Declan

Leg 1 Graham Lund  and Dan Clark
Leg 2 Steve Swarbrick  and Marc Laithwaite
Leg 3 Crispin Halsall  and Alan Lucker
Leg 4 Ian Hutchinson  and Will Haughton
Leg 5 Paul Neild  and Sean Bolland

Vet 40 Team: Captain - Chris

Leg 1 Sean Livesey and Ali Welsh
Leg 2 Quentin Harding and Richard Mellon
Leg 3 Chris Reade and Steve Sweeney
Leg 4 Warren Smith and Richard Davis
Leg 5 Oliver Wild and Mark Chippendale

subs Mike Johnson, Leigh Warburton (both pending
recovery from injury) Steve Cox,  Ian France

All information about the individual legs can be found at http://www.penninebridlewayrelay.co.uk/

 Enjoy yourselves !

Posted: Wed 18th Jan 2012