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Bowland Fell Runners News: September 2012

News: September 2012

Just got round to updating the Club Champs page after Whernside so click  HERE to see how you are doing . We've  just reached the mile stone of 50 Bowlanders taking part so far this year so we are definitely no longer a small club. With 8 already having completed enough races to challenge for the titles and still 3 races left lets have a big push to get this well into double figures this year!! Nothing is decided yet so get out there to Langdale, Dunnerdale and Carwags for more points.

You may have noticed recently that the club champs page has got too big and we've lost the early race reports (pre-Clougha). Hopefully the web guys will be able to retrieve these from the cache. 


Posted: Sat 29th Sep 2012

We have just entered a Male Vet team this year;

The Relay is in the Clockwise direction, from Patterdale

Leg 1:  Clive Davis and Steve Sweeney

Leg 2: Quentin Harding and Mark Chippendale

Leg 3: Chris Reade and Mike Johnson

Leg 4: Richard Mellon and Steve Swarbrick

Mike could be in doubt due to recent injury problems so if anyone would like to volunteer as standby, please let Captain Chris know. Legs and pairings can be shifted to suit individuals. We'll car share as cars with single occupants cost £10 to park!!!


Posted: Tue 25th Sep 2012


 Another weekend, another sunny Saturday! This one was even better than the last with ideal racing temperatures for this 12 miler out of Dent. On the drive up, Chris's advice was to "fight for every place because the prize list is huge" and with a good amount of track, this would be a "runners race". 

And so it proved, with the first mile (including the uphill from the start field to the road) clocking in on my watch at 6:30 - with the lead group disappearing into the distance! Doubts started about being able to keep this pace up. Fortunately, the climbing soon started and Mark Chip started to reel in the early whippets with me trying to hang on behind. The steady climb up Whernside soon saw some pay for their early exuberance!

The descent was rapid and then on the next long section of steady climb on more track I managed to pull away slightly from Mark. The short pull up to the Great Coum ridge provided the only walking section of the entire race then another steady pull up to the top. Footsteps behind me were catching fast though and with lungs bursting, I thought Mark must have scoffed his one and only gel and was on some sort of super surge .... only to be passed by a youth in very long shorts and t-shirt!! I hope he's not in the race - he wasn't fortunately as he'd missed the start by 5 mins but had decided to run it anyway - and would have won by the speed he eased past me.

The descent from Great Coum was fast again, with bog, reeds, rocks and sink holes to contend with - proper racing! - before the last bit of track and a flying descent down boggy fields to the finish. I'd fought for every place as instructed. Mark, Chris, Declan, Leigh, Dave and then Wayne all arrived to complete the Bowland team.

As it turned out, with the previous organiser Paul Cornforth no longer working for Lyon Equipment, they were not again sponsoring the race and the new organisers had stepped in at the last minute thereby ensuring that all the runners could enjoy a great race on a fantastic day in such a beautiful spot - so a big thanks to them!


Posted: Sun 23rd Sep 2012

 Despite the closure of the M6, 19 Bowlanders made it to this Lakeland Classic and club champs counter. The sunshine finally made an appearance meaning this years race was not a test of navigation, so Declan managed to finish. At the front, Rhys Finlay-Robinson showed no ill effects after winning the Mountain Trial the week before to win the race in the only time under 2 hours. For the club, Chris and I duelled to the 3 shires stone where I managed to get a small lead on the climb up Blisco. Chris reduced this with some more cunning lines on the descent but not by enough. The V50 team were well bunched, with Leigh the best placed and Mark Irving, in his first big Lakeland race, was still smiling at the finish to continue his good season. Ian obviously hung back to take the shots below and Jo was our only lady after Emma had decided to go for a little bike ride and support. A great race - thanks again Selwyn - and a great day out in orange and green! Club Results below.


1 Rhys Findlay-Robinson MSEN 01:59:44

15 Richard Mellon MV40 02:11:35
17 Chris Reade MV40 02:12:55
36 Mark Chippendale MV40 02:19:54
49 Leigh Warburton MV50 02:23:24
62 Huw Price MV50 02:27:43
66 Neil Shepherd MV50 02:30:12
67 Declan O'Duffy MV50 02:30:18
94 Steven Bamber MV40 02:39:32
154 Mike Gibbison MV40 02:57:09
171 Mark Irving MSEN 03:01:31
183 John Taylor MV60 03:05:12
197 Alan Heaton MV50 03:11:42
198 Ian Charters MV50 03:12:51
203 Colin Whitaker MV40 03:17:29
206 Andrew Farmer MV50 03:21:49
214 Jo Taylor LV40 03:28:32
224 Wayne Walsh MV50 03:38:13
229 Martin Welsh MV60 03:42:57
236 John Woodriffe MV40 03:58:47

Posted: Sun 23rd Sep 2012

Just getting around to looking at some results after my summer off .... Hodder Valley results have now been added to the Champs table with the result that Chris Reade nips into the lead although Clive and Mark got the better of him on the day. Paul Walsh Jnr??? Has Paul Snr decided he'd do better in the V40 category? He had a good run though! See the club champs page for the latest standings ... and if someone wants to write a race report, send it through!

Just waiting to add the results after a great day out at 3 Shires last Saturday too, despite the traffic problems.

And this coming Saturday is another Club Champs race ... Whernside ... £5 EOD so no excuses ... they are coming thick and fast at the moment so hope to see lots of you there. Map for the race below.

Rich M

Posted: Wed 19th Sep 2012

by Chris Reade

The Ben – extremely rough.

The time had come for departure. We met up at Mark’s in Galgate. Once again Mark asked if I’d got my race card. Once again I said I think so. Steve arrived and we had a similar conversation. By Junction 34 we were off the motorway. The back of the car was strewn with my stuff and I had a right sweat on looking for the dreaded race card. Mark and Steve thought it essential I had it so it was back to Quernmore for a look for the race card. In the event I found it at home and ¾ hour later we were back on the motorway and heading north.

One of the first extreme things about Scottish races is how far away you have to go for a run. The other is the weather which deteriorated steadily all weekend. On arrival we pitched tents, the wrong side of the hedge as it happens and this became more crucial as the weather deteriorated. I didn’t know the wind would blow from that direction – honest Steve. Mark’s tent held up well, well pitched and sturdy, my lightweight was reasonable but Steve’s almost disappeared over the hedge. His pagoda came in handy with the eternal Scottish drizzle, as did his car for him to sleep in on Sunday night.

After a recce on Saturday evening to look at the vexed question of the green bank and short cuts off the return path there was some socialising to be done at the local bar. Then it was off to bed for an early night.

Race day was drizzly again, which for me was useful as it made me rest, and eat. The race start was fabulous with bagpipes, pipe band, ceremony, parading and then the off. Lots of the usual faces were there and a good contingent of Bowland runners. Several Walshes appeared as they do at most races. Saw in the results a Phil Corris running for Lancashire Constabulary. Must have been undercover as none of us saw him. Presume it is the one and same Bowland Phil Corris.

During the race early on the weather was kind. A circuit of the field, up the road then onto the rough track. Jostling for position a Scottish brute elbowed me right in the throat which upset me briefly. Later he grabbed my bum bag and we had to have words. Anyway he showed me round later on so I forgive him. He was the most shouted for person at my point in the race so I made a point of staying with him as I reckoned he must be local, as he indeed was and had good lines. The top was tricky in the deteriorating poor weather and once I hit the summit it was concentration and effort to keep upright and focussed.

Summiting at 1 hr 15 I thought I would be in with a chance of catching Mark. Almost being with him at the top of the grassy bank on the return, my guides, the aforementioned Scottish chap and Alan Smith, a respected runner whom I’ve marvelled at on Jura both hooked a right. Ah, down the path, so I dived in the gully after them. Damn, I had to slow down so as not to kill the Scottish chap with falling rocks. We hoofed it down the path only to rejoin Mark a few minutes further down as the green bank brigade rejoined the main path. No quicker but probably easier running. It was then full bore and concentration all the way down. I got away from the Scottish chap and interestingly never saw Alan again. I think he hooked round the back of Melantee and down the bank used in the Melantee race. A radical move. He was a minute behind me but I reckon I was travelling faster downhill, so his route may have promise. I was told that the 10 place runner also went that way.

The weather deteriorated into proper cold rain, the helicopter went up and down a few times which was worrying. The story seems to be that the Green Bank is quicker but the steep angle trashes the legs more and judging by the holes in peoples legs that could prove crucial. The evening’s prize giving – more bag pipes and speeches and plenty of prizes, followed by mucho drinking was great. Steve did fabulous in the race and even more fabulous with the driving. It was as much as I could do to snooze most of the way home. Roll on next year.

Ben Nevis Race 2012 – Finishers List


Posted: Tue 11th Sep 2012

by Chris Reade

Chipping was an interesting race with a Bowland 1,2,3 , Mark took the honours with Steve Swarbrick chomping at the bit and me in third. Paul Walsh junior was up there and the other Walsh family members raced too. Guest appearance from Sean Bolland, but lashing rain an hour and a half after the race meant that much of the post race festivities and the show itself seemed to be abandoned.

1 CHIPPENDALE, Mark Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:05:48
2 SWARBRICK, Steve Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:06:46
3 READE, Chris Bowland FR Veteran 40 Men 1:09:02
7 WALSH, Paul Senior Men 1:13:53
13 DAVIES, Richard Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:16:56
17 BOLLAND, Sean Bowland FR Senior Men 1:19:00
18 GREEN, Robert Horwich RMI H. Veteran 50 Men 1:19:05
19 TAYLOR, Ken Rossendale H & AC Veteran 65 Men 1:19:34
25 JOHNSON, Paul Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:22:27
35 SHERRATT, Sarah Bowland FR Veteran 40 Ladies 1:28:01
37 IRVING, Mark Bowland FR Senior Men 1:29:04
48 WALSH, Paul Bowland FR Veteran 65 Men 1:39:25
49 PLOWMAN, Paula Red Rose RRC Veteran 40 Ladies 1:39:50
52 HEATON, Alan Bowland FR Veteran 50 Men 1:49:53

Posted: Tue 11th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012

Details of the 2012 Hodder Valley Show Fell Race are now posted on the race page.

Posted: Wed 5th Sep 2012