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Bowland Fell Runners News: April 2013

News: April 2013

Cool conditions made for ideal running in yesterdays 3 Peaks race - won again by Joe Symonds - and the race saw another good turnout for the club.

Martin Hurst showed good form in his first attempt at the race - sub 4 hrs and Mark Chip managed to avoid his infamous "Ingleborough bonk" this year to finish well. Both Steves were still smiling at the finish to complete the vets team.

As a bonus, Rich won the Tankard for the "first runner from a Lancashire club" ... so only beaten by 19 yorkies, cumbrians, scots, spaniards etc etc

Results for the club were;

Position   Cat Time Class New?
20th Richard Mellon MV40 03:24:13 1st Class  
69th Mark Chippendale MV40 03:43:33 2nd Class  
109th Steve Sweeney MV40 03:51:28 2nd Class  
138th Martin Hurst M 03:55:52 2nd Class N
168th Steven Bamber MV40 04:00:55 2nd Class  
212th Jimmy Rhodes MV40 04:08:16 2nd Class  
346th Mike Gibbison MV40 04:29:56 2nd Class N
437th Ian France MV50 04:43:12 Standard N
469th Steve Cartmell MV40 04:47:29 Standard N
502nd Stuart Hayton MV40 04:52:00 Standard N
Posted: Sun 28th Apr 2013

A glorious, sunny, Lakeland day brought the crowds out on Saturday for Wynn and Steve's races. I counted about 20 Bowland vests running in the two races with seemingly the rest of the club out marshalling, organising or supporting.

Results for the WALTZ can be found HERE

Results for the TWA can be found HERE

A huge thanks to all those involved for putting on such a great race - I could even take advantage of the FREE BEER afterwards this year thanks to new member Pete Shanahan's offer of a Lancaster lift!

The pull up onto Whiteless Pike in the Teenager



Posted: Mon 22nd Apr 2013

Just a quick post to say that I've sent £144 to Bowland Mountain Rescue from the cancelled Fiendsdale race. A big thank you to all those who donated their entry fees.

Andy Farmer

Posted: Mon 22nd Apr 2013