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Bowland Fell Runners News: October 2013

News: October 2013

Nick Hewitt has posted a great account of his Joss Naylor run this summer;



Posted: Sun 27th Oct 2013

With just 2 races left ... Shepherds Skyline and the Tour of Pendle, several (competitive) people have requested the latest standings so they can see who they need to beat and by how much!!

You'll find the current tables at the bottom of the 2013 Club Champs page ... navigate at the top or    CLICK HERE     to go to it

Spot them by their orange and green ... no club colours = no points

Any errors in the results please report to Rich Mellon

Posted: Thu 24th Oct 2013

 My early moonlit pedal to Richard’s gave no hint as to the pleasures that North 

Wales had in store for the women’s team just a few hours later. Unlike the scene 

at our last outing at the FRA relays in Kettlewell, the skies over North Wales were

heavily bruised, the wind was up and the showers were heavy at times. Waiting 

with Rachel at the start while she tried to keep warm through a good 10 minutes 

of announcements at the start I was downright grateful she’d outrun me at 

Langdale. She had to set off uphill in the wind and rain while I had time to sit in 

the warm marquee tent with its fabulous assortment of cakes.

Rachel handed over to Zoe and Rowena a respectable 54 minutes and 15 

seconds later reporting that the wind was a challenge but it was possible to be 

even a bit warm once the rain stopped. Also that in future she would need to 

double knot her laces. A lot of the teams released their top runners on the 

second leg to shake up the women’s places. But Rowena held on to Zoe to run 

the eighth fastest time of the 35 women’s teams still running by this stage. A 

feat she paid for by emptying the contents of her stomach soon after finishing. 

They handed off to Sue and Sarah for the nav leg which proved an extremely 

trying 12.5 k of zigzagging across the valley and came complete with heavy 



While they were out on the course, Sarah’s partner Mark and I positioned 

ourselves at the bottom of the descent off the fell, just below what had by now 

become a wide muddy chute ending in deep puddles hiding all sorts of hazards. 

It proved to be the undoing of quite a few runners. Quentin and Paul managed 

to stay upright and Declan just about floated over the mess at the bottom but we

watched many impressive face plants and even a few rolls. As he negotiated his 

way through the mire Scoffer observed to the gathering crowd that people pay 

good money for muddy obstacles like that…maybe referring to the events that 

bill themselves as “hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle courses” and charge upwards 

of £50. I tried to warn Sue as she came down but she was going for it and 

anyway who can process that kind of information when your legs are all noodle 

and you just want to get to the finish? Sue went down with a splash and the 

crowd roared but she was back up in a flash shifting it down to the finish with 

Sarah hot on her heels. 

Meanwhile back in the start/finish area, Emma took a tumble in the mass start 

for leg 4. Despite painfully busting her knee open over an only recently healed 

scar she held her own for leg 4 to bring the women home to a creditable 18th out

of 35 women’s teams. 


It was really a long day with the event being held in Llanberis but it was very well

organised and it was just brilliant to see two teams out for Bowland. Next year 

Barbondale! Dallam/Howgill can’t guarantee the weather either but I reckon the 

Barbon fells will be a good place to parade the orange and the green.

Posted: Mon 21st Oct 2013

Well done to both Bowland Women and Male Vet40 teams at the weekend UKA relay in Llanberis

The weather was very wet but the superb organisation ensured over 1000 runners and their supporters were well cared for.

Leg 3, the navigation leg again proved decisive for the overall race with many of the top teams going wandering again but the Hardings brought both Bowland teams safely round the course, although Sue nearly came a cropper at the end (see photo below!).

The Womens team came in 21st overall in 6:19:47

Leg 1: Rachel Somerville 54:15

Leg 2: Rowena Browne & Zoe Harding      1:45:29

Leg 3: Sue Harding & Sarah Sherratt      2:27:05

Leg 4: Emma Gregory      1:12:58

The MV40 team came in 5th overall in 4:49:43

Leg 1: Clive Davis 42:00

Leg 2: Chris Reade & Mark Chippendale1:32:33

Leg 3: Quentin Harding & Paul Neild 1:38:51

Leg 4: Declan O'Duffy 56:19


Rowena and Zoe                                                                                                             Paul and Quentin enjoying the muddy descent

Splashdown!  Sue obliged the crowds gathered at the bottom of the muddy slope...

Posted: Mon 21st Oct 2013

 Nearly perfect racing condidions last Saturday for the 2013 Langdale Horseshoe ... as you can see.

Photos courtesy of Mick Kenyon at racingsnakes.com  - he's got some great shots on his website and some gruesome ones too!

Bowland took the honours for 1st MV55 Declan, 1st MV60 Nick Hewitt and 1st MV65 Martin Walsh so a clean sweep for the super vets, well done.

Rachel Somerville and Jenn Hutton did it for the ladies too - a great effort from the whole Bowland team really.

Full results for the large contingent of bowlanders can be found at http://www.amblesideac.org.uk/Langdale_2013results.htm 

BUT .. who's that mystery runner in Orange and Green bottom left? A new Bowland member and a top recruit I think! Answers on a postcard please...



Posted: Wed 16th Oct 2013

A fantastic performance yesterday saw the Bowland MV40 team finishing a very respectable 9th position overall and 2nd MV40 team in the 2013 Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay. The prize of OMM stretch tights all round will be sported by the team now!

On a very claggy, wet day Clive initiated Declan to Leg 1 - and how to get in pole position on the start line. Declan reckoned he was in oxygen debt after half a mile but hung on and with Clive's route finding they finished an excellent 17th. Paul and Mark shot off into the clag with Paul's Monday recce paying dividends as many of the top teams in front of them got lost - with Ambleside Vets being the pick of the bunch. By the end of the leg we were up to 14th. Chris and Leigh found their way through the clag, trying desperately not to be followed by others and picked up another place before Rich and Steve on Leg 4 benefited from being passed by the Bingley pair of Jebb and Holmes to lead them off Fairfield on a sneaky route. Catching up the 4 teams in front they hung on to the blue and white train for as long as possible before having to let go and find the descent to the finish themselves.

A fantastic race, made all the better by the navigational challenge!

FULL RESULTS HERE http://www.sportident.co.uk/results/2013/IHMR/IHMR2013Results.pdf

Posted: Mon 7th Oct 2013

 Thanks to Rob Woodall for the photos of Bowland from Arenig Fawr - great views!



Posted: Tue 1st Oct 2013