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Bowland Fell Runners News: March 2014

News: March 2014

A big thankyou to Graham and team for coming up with the races to form our Club Championship this year.

Full details are on the 2014 Club Championship page

The first event is a "Bowland Special" on 23rd March (replacing the cancelled Fiendsdale race) and Graham will provide details for this shortly ..... but it will be in Bowland and it will be special I hear!

Lets have another good showing this year with lots of orange and green at the races and tales on the blog.

Posted: Thu 6th Mar 2014


It must be quite unusual for an HPM team to be made up entirely of runners from the same fell running club and even more unusual for such a team to win a trophy.

Back in November, a Bowland vets team entry was submitted to the High Peak Club and was successful. The team was made up of myself, Alan Duncan, Leigh Warburton and ‘junior’ member Neil Shepherd. With an aggregate age of 237 years it was the oldest team in the race by a large margin. A week before race day Alan withdrew due to a persistent injury and his place was taken by Ian Charters, lowering the aggregate age to 236 years.

Race night was cold, dry with clear skies to start with although later on we had some hill mist, a snow shower and sunshine. It was very wet underfoot with some ground frost. The Bowland vets team set off at 23:34 in what turned out to be an eventful night. We made a steady start and were going well but by the third checkpoint we lost the dibber.... with Leigh attached to it. Thanks to mobile telephony and radio communications, the team was eventually reunited but not before a long and anxious wait in the cold by the other three at checkpoint 4. Having found ourselves at the tail end of the race, we resolved to recover some of the lost time and stay in contention for the vets trophy. At the Moscar checkpoint we enjoyed the undivided attention of the marshals and on Derwent Edge we began catching up other teams. But the stress and the cold had affected Ian, who started feeling nauseous and weak. The rest of us did our best to help him and we made progress through the field without too much loss of pace. It wasn’t until after Snake that Ian felt better and by the closing stages some of us had to try hard to keep up with him. Our time of 12:18:42 was below what we had expected but all the same, we were told that we had won the vets trophy and that came to us as a pleasant surprise!

Following the presentation, a serious argument broke out between the team members, as no one wanted to take the trophy home. The impasse was resolved by the decisive intervention of the team captain, who instructed Ian to take the trophy himself and so hostilities ended there. I recall that some years ago a team member took that same trophy home and proudly placed it on the living room table but was immediately threatened with divorce by his irate wife! Marital harmony was preserved only when the offending object was unceremoniously transported to a dark corner of the garage where it stayed under cover for a year. Unsurprisingly, even the High Peak Club which organises the race, are aware of the problem and have included this warning in the race website: ‘Entrants are warned that the trophies are pretty big and not exactly everyone’s idea of beautiful’. 

Our sincere thanks to all involved in the organisation and running of this great race, the many marshals in particular, who brave the sometimes extreme conditions on the bleakest parts of the Dark Peak.

Yiannis Tridimas

2nd March 2014

The Bowland vets team with the Rucksack club veterans trophy in Leigh’s hands.


Photo: Ian Charters

Posted: Sun 2nd Mar 2014